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Schizolanostomosis Septocalimangioma


I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world…

" These weren’t a few birds ."

It’s the end of the world!

Wanna buy a monkey?

Hitchcock: The Emo Birds

W H A T T H E F U C K I S B I R D S C A S S Y V A ?

It began with laughter and ended with carnage.
Did you know that truth can only be found in the gap between those who doubt and those who believe? The truth is that this list saved us from a 6-0 sweep, almost pulling of the reverse sweep, ending it with a 6:5 score with them winning.
Yes, our other 5 lists got beaten and this was our saviour from the number 0.
There were those who were doubting and those who believed, thus creating the gap that is truth.
Beating Titan, Fault, Aggro Faie and Combo Reva, this list created a miracle.
Our other win was due to someone of the other team having to catch a flight, which I see as another win for birds, because what’s a plane if not a bird made by man?

By the way did you know that this is a decklist thread?
Well, now you know!

Anyways… Let’s break this shit down:

The gameplan is pretty simple, actually: Just make a bunch of birds and equip them with somekind of disease, the match will be over in seconds.

There’s the healing dude and the blood something-something dude that let’s your birds trade more efficiently, the blue guy that let’s you make more birds and ramp into the fucking plague and some purple control spells for the wizard birds.
Top that of with satan’s incarnation and some other good shit and you have the list.

Try the thing out, just believe and magic will happen, I guarantee it… But don’t let the people with the antimagic toxin get too close to you.



Nice Hitchcock reference.


Oldies but goldies :slight_smile: nice to see someone else using Dust Wailer too in Flybyssian, that card is a blast

@alplod we can be proud of our baby archetype now :smile:


Tonight’s coffee, with honey. Since I saw that post and got my hands on some of it, I say it every time. Sometimes in my writings, sometimes out loud. Sometimes to imaginary friends. It is just a cool thing to say. There is a novelty in this mix- of the bitterness and strength, fueled by the sweetness of the other kind. The reciting of the recipe is a chanting of a principle resembling the dark half of the yin yang, which in itself resembles the whole of the yin yang. You turn a thing into another, bigger thing. You make of the trivial the transcendent, and transcend together with it. The solution of the problem of the esoteric is seen in the vanishing of the problem.
My honey ended like four months ago.

I dont get it why this guy fug @losercenturyboy hates Replicant. Replicant is a good card. Maybe. I think it is. Look, I need some, look, its draw, draw is great. not all draw, sure, but man, man, it keeps coming. Why is there no replicant in this list? It keeps running out of cards. Thats why we had to put a shitty one-of Hunt. I mean, Hunt is a cool card, its stylish, but not enough for me to really like it? I remember liking Psychic Conduit, and that does something, you can get some very beautiful turns out of that. But Hunt, um, Hunt yields no beauty. And is just not very good. At all probably. Are there any decks that run more than one Hunt? I want Replicant in this list because its more draw, but what to take out then. Fist and Sister are good overall, Flameblood is aggro incarnate, Crypto Mentor package make it so that theres a good Araki shell, Beast and Naga are not bad and are also opening gambit procs, Toth is good in certain matchups and to make sure you deal damage every turn… Venom Toth is another thing @DefectiveProduct hates. It seemed too to me underwhelming for long, but nowdays, its a 3/3 body that is either answered or deals a lot of over time damage. You wouldnt believe how many minions people play. And then they have to get out of their way to remove it so it wont screw them in the long run. Do you see how aggro this deck is? If you can get in two damage, thats two damage. And there’s a body too. If this guy deals 2 and trades 3, leaving a 3/1, then thats not bad. And if it baits removal, thats mana spent on board you dont need to answer.

So, replicant. Im pretty sure this list was our vet counter for the week, which is why we put Wisp, to delay Fault. I wanna see this with Replicant instead of Wisp. What would happen then, I wonder? It would probably become more highrolly. I dont like that. But with the spirit of the aggro within me, yeah, I could make it worth my time, fun wise.


thread dead maybe
our team fizzled and like where the hell is the audience anyway
im gonna post my favorite list which i happen to have run today

unlike me to run 2x bone swarms, but Naga’s addition relieves me of the third copy
so, whats going on here
this deck goes face a lot obviously
it is not running dunecaster, i love rasha dunecaster, but its a little cumbersome to have Caster in a deck with basically no dervishes
you would ideally not even want to dunecast BoA’s dervish because you ought to have lethal in other ways

another weird inclusion is Ephemeral Shroud- its not a favorite, but you want to be spending less mana to answer their threats than they spend mana casting it, so its an option; same for Beast, but Beast is a little different, better in a way, worse in others

a problem i run into with this is that i take too much damage- flameblood, trading face, and Naga are heavy tolls to one’s health; ideally you are faster than them, so it pays off, but i sure would love to get a couple Heralds here
i dont really see space though, maybe -1 second wish -1 bloodtear +2 herald, because those two are both situational

the best way to open a game is p1 Flameblood diagonally- if they protect themselves, you get more control over tiles, and if they dont, t2 primus fist second wish, totalling 10 damage dealt by t2 (3 OG, 3 attack, 2 primus, 2 Wish), and you also get the bodies

as p2, blaze hound first wish is not too bad, they rarely trade to kill that immediately, and if they do, youre probably still ok because thats one minion less and 5 damage in, and then next turn bloodtear naga possibly clears a play;
this is a pretty spefic combination but remember you draw twice with that t1 so its not even that rare
Im starting to like Naga again, because its both board damage and face damage- we want all the face we can get but not die immediately, so its kind of surprisingly nice

Rasha First Wish kills a lot of stuff and cycles; i mean, you dont use that to clear some garbage, Rasha is probably the reason this deck works, but dont be too afraid to use it, it is just good, even without Dunecaster

here’s a formula for you; normally, this list has as much out of hand damage as it has mana, except that Flameblood counts that +1. so at 8 mana you can Rasha Bone Second Wish Primus Fist + general attack for 10; this is not an impressive combo and when spelled out like this it seems weak (rag ripper 10 damage 6 mana 2 cards), but remember during the game you’re always trading face, casting Flameblood, casting Naga, Repulsoring their garbage, Bone Swarm… Its kinda really easy to get them to Rasha lethal range. Which is why its good. i mean… im just bad maybe. maybe.

We lost but its ok.
a wanderer sweep


you know shits bad when my post is normal
im totally gonna regret this later


No drinker? :frowning:


waaaay too slow
Flameblood deals 3 right off the bat, Dust deals 1
i observed a thing by playing that other cyph list i made based on Mantis’s Intenciphy, that Drinker and Riftwalker are like Flameblood and Naga rebuilt to be asymmetrical, and for that need a bit of a nerf, thus comes in the intensify mechanic


Now that you mention it, it seems like riftwalker might be better than naga becauss airdrop lets you get minions in ideal positions but also because you can avoid the face damage to yourself or minions that naga usually has.


I dunno, I feel a big difference between one damage and two damage; if Naga isnt great in all contexts (were she, she would be in more lists), imagine a Naga that deals even less damage… not all that attractive


You should add that deck with description to www.duelspot.com :slight_smile:


what is wrong with u


i mean it in a good way. I like you already.

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