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Schizolanostomosis Septocalimangioma


@guededead, as the absent
@DefectiveProduct, as meme hitler
@ryousen, as draw a card
Schizolanostomosis Septocalimangioma

There’s a Skyreach Manta sitting on my tabble. WHY AM I DOING THIS? Its Temperance, as best as I could find- you know, flying through the sky, as a signal of rebirth, with the suns behind it, as a signal of its alchemic prowss- and, of course, obvious, wings. It lacks a head. I dont know what to make of it. Perhaps as an embryotic or metaphorical lack of personality. The scenery is quite the boneyard of unimaginable- – i I mean, contradiction, WHY AM I DOING THIS because that which cannot be said, I cannot say, as is for pictorial figurations, so I cannot claim any particular bone’s beast to be so- unimaginable, that is, for i can surely what those would look like, clad in flesh, caging organs. Cages for organs and feelings.

300 years ago

my good friend Squiter @guededead- and this is not a tautology- once told me I am the definitive collection of rancorous feelings. A collector is a cager- all possession is a cAgA. I cage the daze the idea the regret. Funny that this word came about, Im not filled with that, like sdaçççç . You know, line of evolution. I cannot be myself- as I like it- if I change my past, so no regrets. For ever.

Just dont trust me.

Im gonna claim that I am bad. This way pros and bad players cant shit on me for spreading disinfo.

The difference between skipping turn one expecting a loss and skipping turn one with confidence is Upper Hand;

I would call Keeper a reactive deck- at least this list- Sooner or later Makantor, Armada or Slasher are gonna flip the skirts and weave the tide moonwards. The only reason to have a 2 drop would be for the sequence of, exclusively as player one, t1 2drop into t2 mana tile flash

flash Makantor

, which I thought was spelled Mankator for like three years, but that is, at best, questionable in my eyes- the allignment of coincidences (a mere pragmatic phrase here, as there is no such thing, none) is too rare for it to fit a slot.

Instead, Entropic Gaze- Keepermar running out of cards? I dont really know how this happens, but it happens. Lets count here. Flash+Minion is a thing, and so is Brutality. Its not rare to cast Brutality and Upper Hand, or Brutality and Earth Sphere. Anyway, I was feeling the lack of draw, so draw I included. My opponents in the first game were struggling to figure out what the hell this deck was, befuddled partly for its inclusion. The first week was disastrous, we did not consider the constellation at all, and we rope-missplayed a bunch.

By the way, Bru tality

is one hell of a trade booster. Not only that, it buys you time to profit more on or draw mass removal. I used to say this about Tremor, my retired old buddy, and now Stun is back again. I would kill to play Beam Shock outside Lyonar.

I dont remember in this what was me and what was @DefectiveProduct- I know he suggested a phenomenal Stampede. I didnt notice this card was buffed, and I really like it now. If only it were in a faction Im more exited about.

Armada is t

he rea

l MV


People dont play around this shit, because how would you, and especially, why would you, no one plays it. Now you do, and you destroy their rectums with sheer magmaritess. you will contact diseases from playing this.
p2t2 flash makantor p2t3 keeper makantor
No, really, how does one play around Armada? rather, why doesnt anybody play Armada.


I didnt warn the guy, @DefectiveProduct, come say hello, add notes, free write, post bad poetry, and decklists


under post "poll"

in the same sense that the big guys dont answer why armada isnt online i dont explain how to play what is closest to my heart- these questions are seen as matters of logic and not personality, and since 6.1261 In logic process and result are equivalent. (Therefore no surprises.), there is no reason to talk about anything logical. Dialogue is reserved for the realm of truth, not reality. However best I can describe it, summarized, my method in the above mentioned is go face, as is the method of the pro in relation to my previous question, in a negativizing lens, dont play armada.


Someday somebody will decode all of your threads and uncover the secret that is Q4.


Is your team also still recruiting players?


Man, what the fuck is this… The gates to the realm that is Schizolanostomosis have openend again and I just barely made it to the other side; where weird is common and common is weird. But this is divine revelation; me being the divine; me being the beginning and the end of things.
Flipping the chessboard over, I was thinking of pieces moving out of their designed features: The bishop turning into the great lizard, pawns not sacrificed but preserved, to turn the tide of battles that were considered lost.
The three with no hope, only equipped with a certain mental illness, trying to accomplish the impossible; warping reality with ones mind…Believing in magic makes magic reality; magic is reality; everything is possible, even in the impossible.
Contradiction? There’s no such thing. Believe and even you will see it.


I’m hailed as the meme hitler, by the dominator of the Replicunts himself, but you know what, it’s just a disguise; disguised as a figure of authority and might, to the maggots that crawl on the ground…
Because this is the list that almost swept the nations:

I’m here as the representative of this list and here to answer questions that would arise when you look at this masterpiece that rivals in beauty the works of ABe and Amano.
A certain someone that lurks in the corners of this thread might say that there’s no beauty to be found in the yellow, but I proved him wrong.

Dauntless Advance

One of the greatest human pleasures is to nuke a board with tempest and deminish half of the opponents HP, while you take no damage. Dauntless Advance makes this possible.
The climax is also near when you cast Dauntless Advance while hitting an Aymara, killing it, absorbing 10 dmg.
Dauntless Advance quickly gains alot of value with card like Azurite Lion and even Bloodtear Alchemist. A Lion that can Push for 8 dmg with your BBS and doesn’t die in the process is something to fear.
Then there are cards like Kron and Letigress, who spawn frail creatures, which march into Russia without fear, with D A U N T L E S S A D V A N C E.

Pureblade Enforcer

A little Moonlit Basilysk T1 is certaintly annoying. Heavily match up dependend, but against everything that has those wizard vibes going on it’s something that can’t be ignored for long.

Elyx Stormblade

A certain problem starts to arise when the opponent starts to cower in his little corner, sorrounding himself with his pathetic excuse of an army, while facing yellow bright as the sun itself.
We need to advance even further… How do we do that? E L Y X A L P H A B L A D E

This is only the beginning…
Hitchcock: The Emo Birds and Atom Sajj are soon to be exposed to the public.

I hope you, the reader, will join us again next time. It’s gonna be an enlightening read that won’t disappoint you, so stay tuned.



be careful, my m8.

Also, @owlbeastmd, you should stop this heresy.


SuBaHibi? (´Д`)




I dont think we are

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    sas ffs

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  • not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thin hearts. gold. cups. wands. air. swords. cards. g not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my t do i want coffee? i guess. i need to be awake. you know, decks are a window to the soul. i believe in somethinghing not quite my thing not quite my thing

  • the rift needs a cleansing, but it cannot cleanse itself by its own will alone - Talkative Revolver

  • stabbing in the dark, thats what they call it. i dont feel like its a pragmatically accurate name; epistemologically, sure, but senseless otherwise, or without a sophisticated overconstruction, extrapolation, of the given information based on correct, as far as the concept’s limit extends, axioms; from that and only that can we reach the conclusion that it is correct… yet pragmatically something else entirely

  • my hear tt is not quite into that-in-itself… 3x venom toth 1 damage… is my cups

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  • a we did not play this. its just the a shell i like with a an intruder. a our green list won a that.

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  • like, there are certain so to speak spirits to the people and the cards and their combinations both in the sense of cards and cards and people and cards.

  • i believe in the spirit of the aggro; i will play better with an aggro list better than friends who theoretically know how to play better than me, because there is a kind of fire i am familiar with;

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What the hell even is this thread


Basically some people thought it was a good idea to go insane and then started referencing a bunch of jargon.

Oh yeah, they also posted some of their decklists.




Week 4 in one picture:


Nice Del Toro reference.


So does the munster from pan’s labyrinth blink by closing it’s hands or are the eyes just eternally dry?


The eyes actually blink


They’re not always in his hands.


Bonus question: What’s the step by step procedure to correctly apply that eyeliner?


this guy said he would post the shits

he did not post the shits

im kill him