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Scarzig zoo, a songhai expirement


Here is my most recent expirement, a relatively successful songhai scarzig deck.
it pulls off scarzig extremely easily, but can croak consistency wise

it has won 12 times, drew once, and lost 6 times (two other times but those were crashes/ dcs)
after this testing I have made a revised version which I have yet to test.

any testing and feedback would be greatly appreciated. I may be a decent player, but deckbuilding and tweaking has never been my forte



I don’t get the point of massacre artist. Would also dump hound and mirrorim for more bake and MDS. I would also try to find a way to slot in 2x flamewreath at least since it helps certain matchups and goes with the overall move stuff you got going.

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Artist helps Scarzig to survive I think

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massacre artist is actually game winning and extremely strong, also it gets scarzig off really easily.

I agree with possible mirror rim take out for mds, but I have a little too much draw already so bake doesnt help. flamewreath is a possibility

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@scarzig oh no




Hi, what rank was this tested at?

My mediocre warning bells are going off.

It seems like your only real way to win is leaning on the scroll bandit operners and by getting scarzig off vs eggs/gor/heartseekers.

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Yeah it is only really good at silver because of its consistency. That said I ran into more than a few s rank players on the way, given we are so scattered because of the lack of new content.

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