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Scarzig side-wincon on a Golem vetruvian shell

Just wanted to share this scarzig deck that’s been working out pretty well for me

the basic combo turn 2 p2 combo is:
maw, then kproj-scarzig

you’d have some extra mana for a first wish too, so that’s pretty cool.


Scarzig Blast seems fun. But what you gonna do next with the unmovable 4/8?
Btw nice background.

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oh no that’s the best part. It loses the Kinematic Projection once it transforms to feather knight.
If the opponent is positioned aggresively, you’ll be able to remove anything up to 7 health (2 general, 1 first wish, 4 feather knight) as soon as it transforms


wow that’s dirty.

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The first time I see a scarzig buff combo where the transform has a positive side effect. Well done!

Edit: You should upload the deck to Duelspot :slight_smile:


The Maw pick is brilliant. Silly thing becomes an immediate bully as part of the combo.

Congrats on overcoming the Scarzig crafting fear and living the dream!


Can we just appreciate the background together?

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I know, right?!

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Believe me, you don’t need scarzig to make maw a bully

Tradeless 2 damage with a body is too good

matchups where scarzig fail

Virgin Scarzig vs Chad Gigaloth

can’t find the replay, but someone 500 IQ-ed and opened with this card (it was mythron lilithe too)


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