Saw something weird in the daily Challenge


i don’t think that’s the stat for darkspine? maybe potential buff/nerf?
also this challenge doesn’t seem solvable without the BBS xD

edit : fixed way back.


Edit : Quick Fix to complete challenge

-> Do it on the web version on

(Zi’Ran BBS is available and challenge doable)

Can’t manage to do it.

No matter which combination I try, I’m still one BBS short. Should be available to me to complete the puzzle.
First time I’m blocked like this … or maybe blinded by too much Expansion matches …


It’s the pre-obliterate Dark spine before it was changed to its current form. If that thing existed now, it would be utterly busted.

Old daily challenges always use old cards. If you look at the Shadow Novas, they cost 7 mana.


nah man i calculated the numbers and it seems impossible lul. it’s not just you. or maybe i’m blinded by the expansion matches too.

@excogitator ah that clear things up, thanks man.


Maybe change your thread title by adding “undoable” before “Challenge” to attract smarter people that did it ? :wink:


Yeah, same. This one looks like it should be super simple but can’t seem to lock it down. Gonna give it another shot after I finish my quests.


It can’t be done without Afterglow. CPG needs to quickly patch this challenge. Probably slipped their notice after they all crashed due to post-RotB-release crunch.

Edit: I flagged my comment to get a mod to see this thread more quickly.


That is what I was thinking too. It was also odd that on turn 9 your BBS was unavaliable.


If you look, you’ll notice that divine bond is also pre-Nerf at 2 mana

but yeah, this challenge is impossible without BBS or another divine bond


I saw it, but I choose not to remember :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s having trouble with this challenge.


Oh man. I was trying to figure out that challenge for the last 20 minutes. I never look up the solutions even if it takes me a long time and I thought I had turned stupid since this was the first one ever I could not solve. Do not do that to me, CPG. :frowning:


+1. That’s exactly how it is for me. Kind of relieved to see it’s actually just impossible haha


Either it’s fixed, or I did the impossible. Probably it’s fixed. But I’d feel super cool if I did the impossible. (Afterglow is indeed available at the start)


i just tried it again, and nope it was not available at the start. how can yours be?


I’m not sure. I accessed it from the browser, however. Does it work for you if you do so?


Steam version is still broken.


as is the duelyst launcher version


Additionally, in the web version, the recently played cards bar is full.

Speaking of which - Anyone know why that exists in daily challenges?


they stopped doing that in the newer challenges since it serves no purpose. unless of course you plan on using a alcuin loremaster or a twilight sorceror to get something already played