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Save or Rebuild Duelyst

Whelp I figured no one else has done it yet, time is limited, and it is within my means so I may as well. Sorry that it is very bare-bones for now, I will work on improving it slowly.


This is where the project is largely taking place. We have been making lots of progress. We aim to have something playable around the time of the shutdown.

Edit 2:

Old release

We are well on our way to creating the games Successor. Currently known as “Project Cardboard”.

Right now this is just a demo to show proof of concept. We have two starter decks using Duelyst cards that can be played vs a very basic AI:

Client Exe: PreAlpha 0.1 download link (FULL-RELEASE, WINDOWS ONLY!) : https://easyupload.io/hbfjtu For Duelyst Cards, login as “duelyst” with password: “duel” Install instructions: unzip, then goto /Client and double click “cardboard.exe” Remember to select an active deck from your collection by clicking the little game controller.

We could use more developers, anyone with basic coding experience is welcome. Any artists willing to lend a hand in creating new assets are welcome, and we will soon be needing playtesters.

Edit 3:

New Release:
Alpha 1,1 (prerelease)

And forums! https://projectcardboard.freeforums.net/


I am kinda confused. What game are you selling there?

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Primary goal to save Duelyst, back up goal an as of yet untitled spiritual successor.


But who is developing that?

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My team currently consists of my self and a few close IRL friends. Three good artists, and one person with basic coding skills.

I am as we speak reaching out to folks from Duelyst who have coding skills, as quite a few have been coming forward on discord and such.

I have been meaning to get into the field for a long time. I have only just become financially stable/well off as of this year, so I finally have the time and funds to pursue major projects like this.


Did you see that?


I thought I had read everything on reddit. It looks familiar, did it get massive edits? I feel like I read it initially before it went anywhere.

I will reach out to that channel once I am off mobile.

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Well they posted an initial post and then an updated separate one.


Yea…I guess my plan is pretty half baked here. Without either CPG giving us a number or anything other than a hard no, or myself being able to provide a minimal viable product for funding, its a long shot.

Basically I am worried that if we do not preserve the Duelyst community by either preventing the shut down, or bringing everyone with us RIGHT NOW, that trying to develop something new without the direct support of the Duelyst community would just be dead in the water as the genre keeps failing.

And trying to mix both a “save the game” and “make a spiritual successor” in one project is also probably ill advised. I was/am just panicking at our very short amount of time to preserve the game

Without the direct support of the Duelyst community I fear for the future. Wether it is for Duelyst or it’s spiritual successor.


Can’t help you with the save function, but I’d be up for helping with the “spiritual successor” thing. You’d need to write to Counterplay or Bandai Namco for that though.


Yea the lack of direct response I or anyone has gotten from them in this regard, mixed with the various hard “no’s” they have given out makes this less and less likely.

As for helping with the spiritual successor thing come check out the discord channel, things are going well.


Idk how feasible this is but it might also go along way to spread word of the Kickstarter to gaming oriented YouTube channels, like ones that do a lot of lists and things. Even though there is no solid product it might gain some interest. :man_shrugging:t5:


Yep, at this point the primary purpose of this kickstarter is just to help spread awareness. I am not pushing super hard for this one to succeed as its a bit of a long shot. Once there is a more complete product I will try again.

Any channel recommendations?

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Idk maybe like gameranx, skylentgames, wanderbots, and then just channels of you guys that currently play or used to play dooli , like mogwai, that’s actually who I got my alpha key from all those years ago.


We have been making lots of progress. We aim to have something playable around the time of the shutdown.


Alpha release ready!



I’m totally not here, but I like what I’m seeing :green_heart:


If i may opine, i’d rather have a similar game to duelyst than seeing it being revived.
It will give a fresh start both to the new game and players.
Developing a new game sure is hard and need a huge dedication, but reviving a dead IP is harder and riskier.


Well and I want an almost exact Duelyst clone :thinking:


Starting from scratch is not only more work, but is not likely to capture the community. We want to take the idea, and improve upon it.

It will be it’s own game, but it will be very similar. We are going to do our best to move the focus back to the board, to cut unhealthy RNG, and fix old balance issues.