Sand Sister Saon


It’s widely agreed this particular sister isn’t particularly useful.

Why not change her passive to an Opening Gambit?
Keep her body and cost the same.

Opening Gambit: Your general gains +1 Attack.


It would make this card a bit OP but it’s a good thing for Sajj +1


i really don’t think it would make it op. vaath has the ability to do it for 1 mana every other turn. i don’t see the problem with giving vet, one of the weakest factions right now, the ability to do it for 4 mana with a sub-par body attached


I have proposed it back then. I don’t play Vets, but I think the card is bad as it is. Giving it an OG looks good, my friend Vaath can use its BBS to stack attack as much as he likes, so I don’t see why this cannot work with Vetruvian.


Saon is surprisingly useful. I’d like to see more use for the Wind Sister


card seems fine to me, it’s the other guy that makes u invulnerable that is probably too good


Both vetruvian and vanar sisters don’t seem any good.
Infiltration is a bad mechanic that depends more on your opponent’s moves than on yours. The +1 damage while it’s alive isn’t impressive as well for vetruvians, zirix has better things to do with the mana, sajj can get more from artefacts, that seem more reliable.
If it was something like reduce all damage taken by 1 while it’s alive or even first damage instance every turn it could be playable as vetruvians lack heal options.
Making it opening gambit could help as well. Healnar already can get to 10+ attack on general, outperforming vaath. Not sure how dispellable +1 would hurt in vetruvians. The thing is: vetruvians lack ranged removal, in close combat they can beat most factions already, they are surprisingly strong at that, they need some reliable answers more than buffs to their already strong tempo plays.


The wind sister is fine. Compare and contrast with the golem at her cost. She is a 4/5 while the golem is a 4/6. Her ability is not great, but definitely worth the 1 HP difference.

Saon is better than you would think. The step between 2 damage and 3 damage from the general is pretty significant. That said, I would rather run the 3/4 purifier over her as I think you get more mileage out of him.


Vet has access to range tool in the blast artifact and if it could permanently get attack it would be a bit too much.


falcius is good but vet needs all the help it can get right now. don’t give counterplay ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen her in more and more lists recently so I’m working on the assumption that I’m just stupid, but every time I’ve put her in a deck she was just bad.

All the other faction sisters have continuous effects while they’re on the field, seems unlikely they would change Saon’s effect to an OG


she just does nothing for the faction. vetruvian already good at tempo maybe even strongest faction in tempo actually. givin zirix +1 damage to clear minions seems redundant, temporary dervishes do that fine enough, no reason to pay 4 mana to be able to trade better.
sajj already gets good tempo trades from her bbs and/or artefacts, the +1 really isn’t changing much.

if they changed her to blood surge: put 2 mana “storm ride” spell: effect: your hero gets flying untill the end of the turn.
why make it spell? so it doesn’t make one turn lethals too easy, the extra 2 mana cost for the effect makes it more reasonable. you don’t want this effect chained into frenzy for 1 mana as well.
her stats might need to be altered for it to be balanced.
atleast this would make her useful and give some ‘ranged’ removal, way to escape for vetruvians…

it might be hard to balance but could be very interesting effect.


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