Sand sister and shadow sister bugged



I have unlocked 3x of each vitruvian rare and still have not received sand sister saon and have also unlocked 3x of each abyssian rare and have still not unlocked shadow sister kelaino… i even tried unlocking 3x of every abyssian rare just to try and fix the issue with no avail… please help I’m very frustrated, but love this game

Operating System:

Windows 10

System Specs:

I3 2.13 ghz 4gigs of ram

Game Client:


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:


Hi medicority, can you just double check that you absolutely have 3x of every core rare for Vetruvian/Abyssian? Have you restarted your client? If so try waiting for a bit and then restarting again, if it still has not appeared please contact us at


Got it to work thanks