Sanctionist of Duelyst


Duelyst is a pixelated but very detailed strategy game released in 2016 of April, A game not taken lightly when it comes to true strategy. Unique cards, Unique abilities and traits. I’m looking for enthusiast on strategy games and skilled players who will take it seriously.
We will be coming up with unique strategies and even strive to become pro’s at the game and share our knowledge between ourselves, players, communities and developers.

This group will be focused on this game of course, focusing on the game itself, ideas we have that we can take to the developers, unique gameplay and so on.

Post Discord names below, Steam names anything I can hit you up vice versa or simply post below if interested.


I don’t really understand this post. What’s the difference between this group and the official discord server or this forums?


I think this is just a “Professional” player society about finding tournament strategies so they can win.

Kinda just seems like a group of tryhards


No one has taken it to the level that this group will be on the official discord. This group could possibly get their own channel in the discord but it’s gonna be exclusive to few people rather then the whole community. Maybe that’s how the Discord should be. Coming up with the ideas, strategies and thought about the game in general.


So it is some kind of elite group for Duelyst pro’s chosen by you? Well, I will think about it.


“Exclusive” - sounds good. Have fun. Bye.


What are you so angry about? Wouldn’t you wanna be apart of a group that can come up with ideas that other people cannot? You probably believe that everyone can come together can come together and simply come up with these ideas which is true. If you have a group like that then you will simply will have so many ideas you’ll have to dish out which ideas are viable, make sense or will work in general. AKA becoming a developer.


There’s no such thing as “trying hard” you either wanna win or you don’t. We will be sharing these strategies and different card plays like I said if you actually read the post >.<


Why do we need to join the Illuminati in order to experiment? Free Market ftw!

Srsly do, why not the Forums? I mean other than the memes, the nerfs, the rage, etc. that’s most of what the forums about.

I mean where do you think Burn-Mar came from? It didn’t just become a popular deck type because every one just happened to think of it all at once, no, the idea was spread and refined by different players each creating their own variation. Having one group that everyone copies from just leads to a lack of creatibivitbiy in da communeity.


Of course there is. Tryhards try to get to the highest rank possible and will use meta decks to do so. Personally, I want to win (of course) but I almost always play non-meta decks because I enjoy them more. I give a shit about my rank.

To the group: I think people would be more willed to join the group if you would have actually contributed to the forums or the community in general. The fact that you made an account just for advertising your group is…unusual.


Considering the chosen forum name, I think everything was planned :wink:
May just be a troll ? …


This precisely, quite frankly, f*** the meta, I’ll ladder to diamond with vet and sit there happily pounding peoples face in with totem Sajj and Crankyhai.


TBH, you’re going about this all wrong, OP. You’re looking for a highly skilled playtest group, right? Those don’t strictly speaking exist in Duelyst yet, and so making one starts at a very roots level. You need to find skilled players who want to chronically playtest with you, so that you can push yourself- and then welcome moderately-skilled players into the fold, and push them- and see what they contribute to the group.

“Elite” playgroups are just a dysfunctional idea, since the idea of a playgroup is to get every member firing on every cylinder of their gameplay. Sponsored teams and such often include friends of members in their playtesting groups because arrogance in that environment leads to short sighted shot calls.


If you want to get the best of the best players here, well, I can tell you they so far all ignored you, so, you can give up.


I’ll join your Elityst Duelyst Cult just so I can say I’m a Elityst Duelyst Cultyst.


No, you spelled it wrong.

Also we may be getting into the “attacking people, not ideas” zone, so I suggest we stop now.


I am very confused, what do you mean by “Fyst”?


Honestly this is the type of idea that won’t work, and it feels like it could splinter the community a little, if it were to become a thing of course.


I don’t know really…

I played another game where there was a lot of elityst groups and/or simply people too…pumped up.
People who saw the other players as unskilled ones because “they didn’t play right” or “they didn’t make the right build” and yada yada.

So no, in the end this looks like a bad idea to me just for the possibility for that to happens.
Just share to everyone on the forum :slight_smile:

(As for the game i speak, i won’t say the name, but it’s a monster hunting (:wink:) game)


Ghostbusters for the NES?