Salutations from Portland, Oregon, USA


Hi, everyone!

I’m a long time casual player from The Good Ol’ Beta Days but haven’t been brave enough to introduce myself until now. The Duelyst forum community has been the best gaming community I’ve ever been proud to be a part of, and I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

My life is surrounded by games. I am a Test Lead in the gaming industry, GM a couple tabletop RPG campaigns (Shadowrun and Fragged Empire currently), host regular tabletop game nights, and play a plethora of Steam and Xbox One titles. What makes this all possible is the loving support of my wife and two kids who are all also into games.

I started my Duelyst career as a Vanar player. Newer players this calendar year have little idea of how difficult it was being a Vanar player pre-Chromatic Cold buff. And yet I—like many others—played Vanar as its card set had a unique and rewarding synergy and aesthetic.

After enjoying a dominating season of post-Chromatic Cold buff, I branched out to play Vetruvian during its many seasons of Scion’s Third Wish changes. Favorite moment by far was buffing Panndo with +3/+3 and Blast and subsequently winning.

Now I’m ribbon hunting. I’ve already acquired Vanar, Vetruvian, and Abyssian ribbons, and I’m currently working on Magmar. I’ll move on to Lyonar next before finishing with the easiest faction Songhai.

GLHF to all who run into me and keep making fantastic plays. Win or lose, it’s about what I learn from each game. Thank you all for being great teachers.


Shameless YouTube channel plug (



Also, you can keep playing Magmar, they’re the best faction around, you can’t beat giant green immortal and friendly reptiles :wink:


Truth! Best win rate of 80+% in Silver and Gold for me by far. Perhaps Magmar was always my calling, but I haven’t been listening until now.

The shirt was from Pax West (Seattle) 2016. I couldn’t go this year, but a local friend of mine went out of his way to get one for me. He doesn’t even play (the bum).


How nice of him ! I guesa it means I can’t get one thougj because I live in France (╥﹏╥)


Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Nice to meet you officially!


LOL thanks!

And you post that as a joke, but Portlandia is more of a documentary than satire/comedy. For example, I just ate at a crepe house that’s also a yoga and art studio. They can’t make this stuff up.



:wink: I believe that. It wasn’t really a joke. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love that show and Portland really IS that fabulous! I, also, have been playing Duelyst for a fair amount of time (10 seasons), though I still haven’t done one of these intro posts. Send a friend request sometime if you feel inclined to do so!


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