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Salty in the rain


because because because not translate the game I love this game is not aggressive ta as hearstone both the goal and the method to acquire letters but if you translate even more public would have seen a Chinese guy even waiting for the translation, and used a medium rare mod my question is if in the future you 'll put more languages ​​this game cucumber
if someone helps me whit my reference:3cucumber007


This is the most broken English I’ve ever read, translated or not, but I think I got the gist of it. He may be wondering when is the Chinese translation coming. So, who knows the Chinese to answer him properly because the translator seems to be doing a pretty shitty job. I’m going to post it just in case.



You’re right, seems like something copy/pasted out of Google translate.


Not that this really helps the thread creator, but maybe he should just learn english, its a prerequisite in the modern world anyways. Will never understand these ‘plz Translate!!!11!!’ requests.


你 好

And that’s not google translate I wrote it myself :grin:


Please refrain from using other languages than English on the forums, it lowers its accessibility for all users :heart:

@cucumber007 I do not know when the Chinese version is due. We might want the answer of other moderators (@Ryvirath?)


We are planning to work on other localizations, but there is no current timeframe on when or what translations we will be adding into the game at this time.

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