[Sajj] Artifact Aggro Deck


I have been tweaking an artifact deck for a while now. Tried a mid-range version and a control variant but non of those seem to work. Turns out the best way to play with artifact finisher is to go all out face.


Basically, the goal of the deck is to chip the opponent’s HP while trying to pick up the combo pieces for a finisher. The most out of hand damage you can do at 9 mana is 2x Tear + 2x Staff + Time Maelstrom for 28 damage. The max damage output for a single turn however is variable as you can get better discounted artifacts from Grincher allowing you to play a tear to boost your damage further. There are also situations where you can setup lethal by equipping artifacts a turn before the combo tear + time mael.
Mini Combos exists too. At 5 mana you can go for Falcius + Warlock dealing 7 face damage without taking any in return while setting up the board too.

Gameplay Vids:
Gameplay #1
Gameplay #2
Gameplay #3
Gameplay #4

Anyone have an OTK Sajj deck?
Scioness Sajj Deck Help

Why aethermaster instead of spelljammer?


@phayze He has both in his deck.


Oh! Oops. Didn’t see those :3


Both Aethermaster and Spell Jammer made the deck more stable compared to the previous incarnations of this deck arch type.


To my mind flameblood warlock doesn’t fit very well with artefack. What about replacing with saberspine tiger which is quite good with your scion’s first wish.
I guess you need then a 2 drop for the curve like pax.


You use flame blood warlock for a cheap damage reach. It costs less than a tiger and can deal damage anywhere across the board. You do not use flame blood warlock when you risk losing your artifacts. You use flame blood warlock when you intend to finish the game (or starting 2 drop if you don’t have any). Also, falcius + flame blood warlock deals 7 damage without you taking any in return while keeping a board presence.


To be honest I tried this deck list at rank 5 and I have 3/7 winrate which is quite bad compared to my other decks. I think several things should be change for this meta especially blood warlock.


I was playing this at S-rank last season at about 60% win rate. It is a
kill or die deck. It has some inconsistencies being a combo deck but of
course it also has to something to do with in-game decision making. You
can try to tweak it to however to fit the meta but I think you’d end up
close to the usual Sajj lists.

If you don’t want to use warlock you can perhaps replace it with pax.


I cut several card and had kron which made it more late mid but allow you to more control the board. However I have issue with sand sister. Most of the time I replace it or have no benefit from her. I think I would cut this card for white widow which fit well with arhermaster (and kron too btw). Or maybe Dioltas will see.


You’d end up with the Mid Range variant.

I guess you can try [-3 grincher] [+3 kron], [-3 sand sister] [+ dioltas]


That’s what I did but white widow is very good in this deck especially against songhai. You have instant value 2-4 damage contrary to dioltas. I just won against 00hp with it.


Interesting. I might try that too.