[Sajj] Aggro Deck [Diamond]


Here’s my current Diamond Rank Sajj Aggro Deck

The Deck plays very smoothly, and does an excellent job at throwing damage early and consistently each turn. There is no draw power in this deck, as I feel the curve of this deck works well enough that, supplemented with aethermaster, the match is often decided before running out of cards becomes a problem.

Flameblood Warlock + Falcius is a beautiful, 5-mana combo that deals 7 Damage and gives you a 3/3 and 3/1 on the board, making it an excellent turn 4/5 play

Prius Shieldmaster is interchangeable with Dioltas or Sunsteel Defender, I just find he works best with White Widow to give you an option of both an offensive and defensive/control 4 drop.

I’m still experimenting with Grove Lion, and plan on my next additions to be a second spinecleaver and a second Grove Lion, replacing an Aethermaster and Saberspine


This deck looks a lot more like a control deck to be honest… but I will give suggestions for it to be more aggro/fast paced.There are a lot of one drops in here, which will hurt your consistency by a lot, so I’m going to suggest adding way more 3 ofs and some 2 ofs to your deck.

Since your aggro, Nimbus may be to slow for you, and Golden Justicar isn’t the best decision either (although I can see why you added it with the amount of provokes that you run). If it works for you, then I would say run 2 Golden Justicar’s for better consistency. I’d also suggest teching in Hollow Grovekeepers for synergy and to counter Krons that you might encounter in the ladder. If you find that Sojurners are too slow of a draw, I would also reccomend crafting Spelljammers.

I would say drop Dominate Will due to the current state of the meta, and considering that you want to deal as much face damage as possible. Grove Lion may be fine, and if you choose to run Amyra, it is always best to run 3 copies of her due to how good her effect is. I would also suggest choosing either running Dioltas or Primus, mainly based on preference (however Dioltas tends to do better with her 10 health provoke body when she dies). Dancing blades and Sunsteel seem a bit off in an aggro deck, but I can see it work in this deck.

In conclusion:

-choose to run either x3 Dioltas or x3 Primus
-drop Nimbus, Dominate Will, and Possibly Golden Justicar
-add 2 more Amyra Healers
-add an extra Saberspine Tiger and Second Wish for better burst capacity
-add an extra Sojourner, and replace with Spelljamer if needed
-consider running Hollow Grovekeeper to tech against enemy provokes (however, this is an uncommon tech to provokes and doesn’t have the best stats for a 5 mana card, so don’t feel pressured; this would be the least priority card to craft in my opinion, especially if you plan on playing other factions)


I would say, as a first measure, find the cards that you replace often, and get rid of them to increase some of your two-ofs to three-ofs. With that many varied cards, there are bound to be some you don’t find as useful as others.

Like akurane said, this looks a lot like a control deck. You might be playing it aggressively, but there are far too many high-cost, slow, and defensive cards to be aggro. That’s not a bad thing, but I think it’s important to understand exactly what you’re aiming for before you take advice from someone and it winds up being the opposite of how you wanted to play. Do you like going late and slamming neato minions onto the board? Do you like to throw many cheap minions down and maneuver to your opponent’s disadvantage? Do you like to disarm your opponent’s threats with strong answers? These are definitely all things to like, but most decks can’t do all of them at once.


Thanks for the replies and suggestions~

I guess it would be considered more control than aggro the way I play it, although it’s definitely an aggressive form of control. I mainly focus on keeping the board clear while going for hits to the Face early and often, forcing the opponent to use up dispell/kill spells before Aymara and Grove Lion hit the field.

Removed Justicar and Nimbus, running 2x Aymara until I can afford a third. The deck is doing very well in controling the first 4-5 turns, but has trouble ending late-game if they can deal with Aymara. Quite a few games end up with the opponent top-deck stalling until they end up with the win


As a bad Vet player gotta ask, with only 2 artifacts (and Falcius and Grove Lion), would Zirix be a better general for the deck? Or how does Sajj help here?


I haven’t played Zirix very much, but Sajj’s strength comes from her ability to use her face as decent removal, where for Zirix he has to wait for his dervishes to impact the board.

Sajj’s BBS shines with Falcius, Ankh and Spinecleaver (artifacts in general, really, but those give more mileage from being leveraged). Falcius + BBS lets you kill any minion with 8 or less HP, and Falcius + BBS + Ankh lets you deal with Mechazor if you can anticipate it and position accordingly. Ankh on Sajj is also difficult to play against if her board is not clear, because the 4-damage blasts are a very big deal and can force suboptimal positioning. In particular, I find Spinecleaver + BBS useful for making a large swing, like turning my opponent’s Kron into a Bloodfire Totem. Also, I think to really work out, Sajj control needs at least one Spinecleaver because it is the most reliable clock in the game, control can go as late as it wants to run out that clock, Sajj with it is a huge threat, and also I think it’s extraordinarily entertaining.

Zirix’s BBS obviously has strong dervish-buff synergy, and is generally more useful because you don’t have a tradeoff when using it beyond whether or not you spend one mana. Additionally, his dervishes make decent buff templates; an iron dervish with second wish can be useful in a fair range of scenarios, while they can also provide a target for first wish if you really need to cycle and the replace didn’t help you, (speaking of, if you do this, always do the wish first.) and I think some people use third wish on them in flytruvian (?).

In summary Sajj is more niche, and unless you like to leverage artifacts, I would say Zirix is the better pick.


Have you changed your list based on what me or Akurane suggested? Can we see it if you have?


@ maelrawn new list is on first post


That’s looking pretty good, now; I’d say you should establish a stronger win condition and you’re all set.

For vetruvian, the more common one is to have a playset of Aymaras, because getting one to stick, or more than one to get its effect off, is usually a win.

Alternatively, (and the option I find more fun by a mile) you could get a Spinecleaver, and try to get kills with it early and make your opponent’s maneuvering a terrible task. Also you can dig for it and Ankh and play them both + BBS reeeally late so your opponent won’t have as many answers left for the huge threat of your ranged face, and the totems, which can in fact be silenced. It’s also worth noting that once you have enough dust these don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

For either of these, I’d cut a Second Wish, because it’s not nearly as strong in Sajj compared to Zirix.


Updated once more now that I’ve managed to reach Diamond with this deck alone after two weeks of play~