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Sacrifice Maehv?

Hey guys! I was experimenting with the new Trial/Destiny abyssian card and I came up with this deck. What do you guys think of this?

With spelljammers and the new vellumscry you can maintain a hand while spamming out dudes to sacrifice. Desolators are just a staple that help with maintaining a hand too. Replicants and crytographers can make a few husks in the same turn. And then late game is carried by Xor’Xull. And you can survive until late game with the heals from azure herald, void pulse, and desolator. I’m a bit conflicted on what to use for removal, ritual banishing and necrotic sphere is the best I can think of at the moment. Leave any suggestions.

Updated decklist!

So I finally added some of the cards you guys recommended, and dont worry about the gor there, it is suposed to be a sarlac. But like I need to craft my sarlacs. Should I have 3 sarlarcs or should I have 3 tigers?

Finally pulled off xor tiger combo

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I don’t think you need both spelljammer and vellumscry, sacrifice usually works better off of dying wish (at least imo), you get more value off of xor this way as well, swap zyx for carrion collector and replicant for nekomata (try fit some other value dying wishes in if you can), kelaino over spelljammer and cut void pulse for aphotic drain.

although this could just play differently from my list and I’m not realising it cause I haven’t played this one, could you potentially post some replays?

Spelljammer is horrible for control decks, you don’t want to draw your opponent cards. Zyx probably isn’t worth it and while Necrotic is all well and good you really don’t need 3x. Revenant seems heavily out of place when your endgame is Xor. If you want unlimited Rush Tiger is a better option.

Also, never, ever build a Maehv deck without Azure Horn Shaman. The highroll potential is too important.

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Actually I never used shaman in a dying wish deck, it’s kinda counter productive to give health to minions that you WANT to die.

Although I suppose in a mythron deck it would be good because you want to kill your minions yourself rather than your opponent


What’s the potential of azure horn shaman in maehv, forgive my ignorance.

Shaman heals only you, Mystic can heal your units.

You’re thinking of azure HERALD,
Azure HORN SHAMAN is a 1/4 with dying wish “give nearby friendly minions +4 health”

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Oh, I think you fprgot the interaction which that card has with the bbs… This interaction makes it staple.

When whyb0t mentioned high roll potential, I assumed he meant to potential to proc it on a lot of minions.

The dying wish deck that I ran (before mythron) was rather aggressive, since gnasher was a thing. So I never bothered with shaman, basically all my minions existed solely to go suicide themselves into the enemy and anything that served to help keep my minions alive wasn’t needed.


The only dw things NOT wanting more health that I can think of are Jaxi… actually just Jaxi? Or Sarlacs if you wanna go infinite. Maintaining board in Doolist is just good. Dispel is dying wish deck’s mortal enemy, not dying too late

Wouldn’t cryptographer be a fairly neat choice for this deck? Especially since it synergizes with xor’xuul, and gives you a cheap body to sacrifice. a 3 mana 4/4 essentially.

It kills yourself too fast, so you’ll need lots of healing to compensate it.


Can confirm @alplod as i have tried many different Xor variants

Sarlarc feels a bit too slow, like on three is a turn where you need board presence. For example, you play sarlac, then your opponent plays a 3/4 then you are way too behind. The potential value isn’t worth it imo.

Yeah good point with the spelljammers. I will try the neutral sister. I just feel thy the drain kinda sucks because when you need health you usually also need a minion to block for you. So I think pulse is better in this deck.

But the shaman feels out of place, why buff something you are going o sacrifice? The zyx can provide consistent sacrifice targets. You are right with the reverent thing I’m going to switch that up. 2 copies of necrotic should be good now that I think about it cuz I had 3 ritual banishing.

There are many upsides to running shaman. First of all, he is 2 mana 1/4, so a 2 drop that can trade and become fodder. Also, using him as a BBS fodder makes a 4/8 husk, which is scary, especially on t2 after crypto. Third, buffing your Dying wish minions makes it less likely for him to be willing to trade with them, meaning you can setup all sorts of fun shenanigans.

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You dont deny infinite fodder for Xor decks. The deck is meant to be behind and suddently come back

Wait a minute the shaman buffs the husk?

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Yes, since the bbs change. That is like the sole reason why maehv became playable