Saberspine deck please?


Hej can you help me because i want to use lyonar and songhai deck with saberspine tiger and saberspine alpha and if somebody have a idea i would be happy



Highly untested and much reliant on mad mindgames. Kaleos might be a better bet.
Basically dedicated RushStab deck deck and crazy positional play.


Shit looks devestating.


Tempo tiger. Based off @denoobz concept, but with more heals and tiger per your specifications.

An old draft of fast kaleos


aww can’t you just ask for an abyssian one?


Do not trust me.


oh lol i meant i wanted to post MY rush meme. I would definitely lose the cadence on yours though.


And therefore, the Shadow Watchers too, I suppose.


Shadow Watcher, r u serious?


he was serious about this part at least


Either you meme hard or not at all


Gotta get that Abomination PHAT AS HEKK BOIIII


well why didnt u say that’s what u wanted. you want deathfire crescendo, not that blueberry soiboy.


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