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Saberspine deck for songhai

Hey any idea for a deck that have saberspine alpha or tiger in deck

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I’m having some success using Alpha in Ramp Vanar decks. I don’t think Alpha is a good pick in Songhai decks, though. Maybe you can run it in slower Midrange lists?

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Oldie but goodie. TBH, it’s been quite a time since I played this deck, but you may take it as an inspiration.

Look for Jungle Kaleos in this post and good luck.


Thanks but i tested and i dont win so much so other ideas would be good


One thing that suggests itself for Saberspine Alpha is to take advantage of its high mana cost to make it the top end in an aggro build of Ebon Ox. Something like this:

I just threw this together and haven’t tested it at all, but the idea looks functional. Don’t expect to complete the trial too often, but the potential is there if you ever happen to get to the lategame, and hopefully just seeing that you’re running Ox will mislead opponents into taking more damage than they should at first.


What about Saberspine Cub (from Letigress)?

(You can replace the one Spiral Technique with an Alpha, although I wouldn’t suggest it.)


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