S-Rank Sajj Deck


Hey guys! I finally got my S-rank (just barely) in under one hundred wins (just barely) with Sajj (mostly)! I climbed first to diamond trying out different stuff here and there. Played Songhai for awhile to rank 3 and then decided to make the final push using a class that I always wished I owned enough cards to play, Vetruvian. I tried out different things off the internet, ultimately unhappy with the results. Finally I put together an extremely fun Sajj deck with some unusual choices.

I like many others have been trying to make Sajj, my favorite general since day one, work. So I thought I would try to make a list that could make a push from rank 3 to S-Rank. Some thoughts on this list.

I think the tigers were often times huge. Being able to reach a far away minion, value trade something with 1 attack higher if buffing with first or second wish. It can be a really powerful tempo play to kill off the enemy’s only minion with a second wished tiger that they cannot deal with easily. Sand Sister was also an MVP allowing us to trade into 3-health minions with our general, there are a lot of those. Pax is always the best play turn one but being able to healing mystic ramp and turn two ramp into Sand Sister and kill one of their two drops or just play Dioltas can also be very strong. Finisher is often Nosh-Rak with something on board or with general hit and Rasha’s Curse for 8. Aymara turn six into Nosh-Rank turn seven can be devastating.

I choose not to include Star’s Fury. I felt the card often times was too heavy as it either cleared the board, but was your whole turn, or was just barely off lethal because of cost. Speaking of cost…there aren’t any five drops. At first I thought that they were really needed. I played around with Starfire Scarab, Nimbus, and eventually Dancing Blades. All of them felt underwhelming. Sajj needs to play pretty aggressively early clearing minions every turn. This often times gives you control of the mana springs early. And it is almost always better to drop an Aymara. Overall I didn’t miss the 5 drops at all.

Cards I will continue to play with…I like the idea of blindscorch. But I’m not sure what I would drop for it…

All and all the deck is viable and extremely fun. If you have questions let me know !


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How does Zephyr work out for you? I don’t think I’ve ever had it do anything useful.

And no artifacts? Why not play Zirix?


I think he plays Sajj simply for Saon’s effect + BBS.

Zirix would make better use of this deck without that consideration.


Sajj is the core of the deck. My thought was basically to make a deck that cleared minions every turn and offered a threat. Eventually the threat can’t be dealt with and we win. Sajj with bbs, zephyr, falcius, saon, or mixtures of these can remove your opponents threats. You are trading life for tempo. You are trying to always be in control with another threat to throw down.

As for Zephyr, he is hit or miss. I often times replace him. But when he hits, it is magical. I often times think about taking them out, but then I have a game where a four+ dmg aoe clears the board. People rarely play around it.


I don’t play Sajj at all, but I assume that Zephyr plays a similar to Magmar’s Iridium Scale. It does cost twice as much (3 mana + 1 for BBS) but leaves behind a body. I usually run 1x or maaaybe 2x if I feel like there is a lot of times I might be able to play it. Most of the time I draw it though it is replaced.


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