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S rank on a budget: june 2018


I meant to finish this last weekend, but got a little hooked on Slay the Spire which I picked up in the Steam sale. Also, I added a few things to this month’s article from some feedback I got, so I hope y’all find this useful. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to see next month as I’m open to considering it.


Have you given thought to bringing underused/powered deck archetypes to S?

I’ve been messing around with some attack reduction abyssian and I’m wondering if it would be possible to make it to S with that deck theme


Thanks very much, what a great article.


HAH, and just so happens that I was looking for up-to-date budget Mag lists and I love Ragnora.

Thank you very much for this, sir/ma’am.


Well, I like winning and I like recommending good decks, and for now I intend to stick with budget stuff only. But what does attack reduction abyssian look like?


That’s what I’ve been running down in silver (didn’t have the time to play till gold), but the goal is to abuse any ability that takes advantage of little-no counterattack (I.e: Purgatos, T.horn, or Rev). I might go about replacing Variax with furor chakram.

We discussed it a little in @miguelosz’s thread if you want to check it out:

Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space


without the Arcane Devourer+ Reliquarian/ Variax package you could include more cards that are better fit to take you to the lategame AND are able to multiply power reduction effects. There should be at least 2 more 2 drops.

2 Mirrorim
2 Alcuin Loremaster
3 Furor Chakram


Furor Chakram does indeed look like a easy include in that deck. Mirrorim and Loremaster I’m not so sold on. It’s funny, I thought it was going to be a whole deck of support cards, but with Purgatoros and Thunderhorn I can kinda see it. I think I agree that all that top end (Devourer/Reliq/Variax) looks a bit clunky, but I guess the idea is to stall for it with you atk reduction effects?

Anyways, for now I want to stick to budget decks to help any newer/returning players, but if i ever decide to do something different this could be a fun avenue. Or maybe it’s something someone else could do, I know iceyfire did a couple of off-meta decks/articles.

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