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S rank on a budget: june 2018



I meant to finish this last weekend, but got a little hooked on Slay the Spire which I picked up in the Steam sale. Also, I added a few things to this month’s article from some feedback I got, so I hope y’all find this useful. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to see next month as I’m open to considering it.

NEW URL: https://thebadmagmar.wordpress.com/2018/06/28/s-rank-on-a-budget-june-2018/



Have you given thought to bringing underused/powered deck archetypes to S?

I’ve been messing around with some attack reduction abyssian and I’m wondering if it would be possible to make it to S with that deck theme



Thanks very much, what a great article.



HAH, and just so happens that I was looking for up-to-date budget Mag lists and I love Ragnora.

Thank you very much for this, sir/ma’am.



Well, I like winning and I like recommending good decks, and for now I intend to stick with budget stuff only. But what does attack reduction abyssian look like?

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That’s what I’ve been running down in silver (didn’t have the time to play till gold), but the goal is to abuse any ability that takes advantage of little-no counterattack (I.e: Purgatos, T.horn, or Rev). I might go about replacing Variax with furor chakram.

We discussed it a little in @miguelosz’s thread if you want to check it out:

Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space



without the Arcane Devourer+ Reliquarian/ Variax package you could include more cards that are better fit to take you to the lategame AND are able to multiply power reduction effects. There should be at least 2 more 2 drops.

2 Mirrorim
2 Alcuin Loremaster
3 Furor Chakram

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Furor Chakram does indeed look like a easy include in that deck. Mirrorim and Loremaster I’m not so sold on. It’s funny, I thought it was going to be a whole deck of support cards, but with Purgatoros and Thunderhorn I can kinda see it. I think I agree that all that top end (Devourer/Reliq/Variax) looks a bit clunky, but I guess the idea is to stall for it with you atk reduction effects?

Anyways, for now I want to stick to budget decks to help any newer/returning players, but if i ever decide to do something different this could be a fun avenue. Or maybe it’s something someone else could do, I know iceyfire did a couple of off-meta decks/articles.


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