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S rank on a budget: july 2018 – maehv



This month I climbed to S with a 2k spirit Maehv deck, and it felt good.

NEW URL: https://thebadmagmar.wordpress.com/2018/07/29/s-rank-on-a-budget-july-2018-maehv/

Wu'jin the trickster

Good job, again! Interesting read, I like your use of sentinels :slight_smile:

Did you try to build nonbudget deck using the same concept?


I have not, but Alpha’s and REE’s Maehv decks are excellent examples of what that might look like. You could also go down the lurking Fear route, but that’s a different deck at that point, but a good one.


I’ve seen REEEEE’s older version, and even had much fun with it, but I have problems with building Aggro decks (other than Zir’An and Hyperswarm) so I’m kinda confused when I need to upgrade the thing I netdecked.

Maybe I just don’t understand aggro well, and also can’t pilot anything non Combo.

Having experience doesn’t sadly mean having deep understanding in my case :frowning:


I like your username.


I like this deck


Deckbuilding isn’t an exact science most of the time and even good players can end up disagreeing about what works best. I also don’t consider myself to be a top tier deckbuilder either, so for me there’s definitely a trial and error process. I usually play some games on my main account early in the season to scope out a deck and confirm for myself that it will actually be able to perform. This month I definitely didn’t get it quite to my liking on the first draft; trying a couple of things like Sellsoul and Void Hunter, which didn’t quite fit somehow. So for me it just comes down to playing it and feeling out the problems from experience, but you can help this process by talking to other players, this month I asked DA for some input, and back when I did Kara I asked 56u7 to look over the list, both times I got useful info that resulted in me making changes to the deck and I’m sure that it would have been useful in the other months too.

This was quite a fun month to play as everything went better than expected and most every card felt like it had a part to play, tweaking the deck might be difficult, since it has a pretty solid low curve, and most changes I’d make would mess with the draw engine, which would end up fiddling about the 3 slot, since if we add Desolators or Jammers we don’t need so much options at 3 mana, but Abyssian faction 3 drops suck. Going down to 6 would be alright though. Both Ree and Alpha attested to Mirkblood, which could fill the gap. I’d really have to try it out to see at what point I was overdrawing and at what point I was running low on cards, or having to replace low cost cards even though I wanted their effect.

One last point is that while this deck is definitely aggressive a lot of the time it didn’t really feel like aggro to me, if you’ve played swarm you may know that feeling of deploy threats defensively so that they survive, and then cashing them in on the turn that your opponent fails to answer them. This deck isn’t trying to rush down the opposing players HP, but rather looks to establish a board of a few medium sized threats that can survive hitting the enemy general, and then deploy Chakram to make it worthwhile making that move. I very often do not go face with my units in the early game, since their HP can be used much more effectively once you have equipped the artifact.

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