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S rank on a budget: august 2018 – brome



hit S rank this month playing a 2k spirit Marching Orders deck. I want to put this series on a break for a bit, so if anyone else is interested in writing their own budget decks that could be a good thing.

NEW URL: https://thebadmagmar.wordpress.com/2018/08/27/s-rank-on-a-budget-august-2018-brome/


Thanks for the list! I really want to try out Fledgeling if I get the chance.


Great read. What cards would you take out for the non-budget solutions?


Very cool article.

I read this too fast, got all excited on Marching Orders, and then sadly realized it requires Zeal for the spell aegis effect.

Question for the Experts: Does the spell immunity appear if you grant Zeal afterwards (1. Marching orders, 2. Lionheart blessing)? For science.


@mothergreen I’d cut Dancing Blades, Shieldmaster & Sun Wisp to start. Oath/Jammer should eliminate the need for so much draw so you can pull Wisp probably, might need to find another 2 drop though, maybe not. I was wondering if Kron would be an upgrade to Shieldmaster, seems like it would be. Dancing Blades was fine, and sometimes I was very happy that it was solving a problem for me, but I think on average Aperion’s would help the deck more. I’d also consider if the deck needs tempest, it performed quite well for me, but it was mostly included as a basic card that didn’t increase the cost of the deck.

@bepoest I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t, I think the spell check if it has Zeal at the time of the spell cast, but you’re welcome to try it out, let me know.

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