S-Rank Midrange Kaleos Deck Tech (+ Video)


and the deck

Hi guys! King Onyx back again with more Kaleos gameplay. Once again, I went to S-Rank with pretty much exclusively Kaleos and per the usual routine, I’ve made a deck tech + replay analysis video on it.

This deck maintained a very impressive win-rate (32 - 13 or a 71% WR, counting a game where I missed lethal by Phoenix Firing myself as win…) and honestly, I played awfully some games. Overall, the deck has a very good & strong feel to it and I believe it’s one of the better archetypes currently.

##Notes on a few cards

  • Flamewreath

Probably the Kaleos MVP of the expansion. I think this card is FANTASTIC. Even running only Juxtaposition & Mist Dragon Seal (the reasons why are elaborated below), it’s still super impactful. It pushes face damage, gives Kaleos reliable AoE, and provides him with a 4 mana threat all in one card. Absolutely perfect Kaleos support.

  • Mind-Cage Oni

Woooow. I thought Rakushi was going to be the best Songhai sentinel, but I think I was wrong. Mind-Cage Oni might just be the best sentinel out of all the factions. It’s super annoying to clear, and even if you can, you usually give your opponent a spell and often even more. This functions as really good card draw and a huge threat rolled into one.

Copying a Blood of Air, Natural Selection, or even dodging Plasma Storm PLUS copying it can be huge deals. One of the better cards in the expansion, in my opinion.

  • Eternity Painter

Painter is surprisingly great with Blink. It makes it so you can first, have a lot more reach with it, and second you can make it so your opponent basically has to clear it. As in, they have no other choice unless they want their board continually wiped. As opposed to playing it in Reva, where you can somewhat bodyblock it and prevent continuous value if you can’t clear it.

The rest I go into during the video, but a couple of things I did not address in the deck tech portion of the video:

##Kaido Assassin vs Scroll Bandit

I think Kaido is almost obsolete now. I might be inclined to play it in aggro decks over Scroll Bandit, but even that’s questionable with Bandit’s ability to draw cards for you. Sure, Kaido hits the 3 HP breakpoint without MDS, but that is usually irrelevant early game which is when you want to be playing these minions.

“Why is it irrelevant though? Don’t you want to be clearing 2 drops?”, you might ask. The big thing: good players usually do not play into MDS or Jux with their 2/3 drops. Most of the time, I have to place a minion behind my Kaido/Scroll Bandit and then jux it with their minion. In this scenario, I can just use my general attack to finish off pretty much every commonly played 2/3 drop other than Silverguard Knight. Yes, Kaido would clear them cleanly, but I believe the card stealing on Scroll Bandit makes a big enough impact to play it over Kaido.

Also, because of the card stealing, Scroll Bandit scales far better into the mid/late game than Kaido Assassin does. This is especially more important in midrange decks that need to eek more value out of their individual cards.

##The Inner Focus?

I briefly covered this, but left out one crucial factor. Isn’t Inner Focus really important with Flamewreath? Actually, no. IF has anti-synergy with Flamewreath in my opinion. Flamewreath is best when it can be played on the board for immediate effect and remain a threat that your opponent needs to spend resources to clear. Inner Focus encourages you to hit your opponent with your Flamewreath, which makes it much easier for them to simply clear it.

Flamewreath can easily be played without Inner Focus, imo, though you could still play it with IF if you wanted (especially if your deck is more aggro orientated, where it matters less if Flamewreath is cleared). For these reasons and the ones stated in the video, I don’t really think Inner Focus is a great choice for Midrange Kaleos decks.


Gotatsu has nice interaction with Battle Panddo for instant AoE. You can also use Gotatsu on an active Battle Panddo to get a double proc for a global 2 damage AoE, which is really nice since you draw another card. This also has a synergy with Eternity Painter to fully clear any annoying Panddos. Similarly, Flamewreath has good synergy with Eternity Painter to very easily remove the “downside” of Painter.

Thanks for reading/watching!


Love your Kaleos decks, as always. Maybe one day I’ll actually have Songhai cards and be able to use the faction


As a songhai KALEOS player… I think im in love :smiley: :heart_eyes:



Finally! Couldn’t wait anymore for your list :laughing:
Doesn’t have too much of new cards, so it is not hard to craft the needed ones. Will try it asap, ty!


Kaido Assassin’s only use is to trade with tigers, lmao
I dropped 1 sunsteel and 1 painter for a pair of thunderhorns. I feel like I might want the painter back, cause it’s so good, but the thunderhorns work wonders (pseudo frenzy on diagonals ftw!). What would you suggest I drop?


Yeah-- it’s really good. I originally had painter in at 2 copies but upped it to 3 when I realized how amazing it was. One of the best cards in the expansion IMO. I’d suggest dropping one Battle Panddo for the third painter.


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