S rank mech vanar 85% winrate


Hi I wanted to share you my vanar decklist which took me to S:

It’s a pretty straitghtforward deck. The good old spirit of the wild mechazor combo works pretty wellas finisher. Meltdown is good finisher as well after clearing the board with frostburn.

##How to win the gayme tuto :

##Versus a mirror vanar but different:
The importance of “Call of the wild” which deal 14 extra face damage and a good trade.

##Versus early Variax (darkfire sacrifice into variax)

##Versus face magmar (Gravity well+Sword Mechazor):
Gravity has a good synergy with frenzy minion, aspect of the fox and late game with corona if ennemy is on corner/ border.

I am currently 85% winrate at S rank**

######** 19-4 win-lost


Neato. You may want some Enfeeble though.


not really it doesn’t fit well. Pple u usually don’t play “Spirit of the wild” but tbh it is a must as finisher you can deal easily 10 damage or more with 5 mana and even clean the board if you use frenzy well with mechazor.
When i face a mirror mechazor I won every match because of this card. It allowed me either be ahead in health by far or if he put mechazor first to clean it with mine as frenzy and keep mine.

The other card “cutable” is dancing blade but it"s pretty good with aspect of th fox. I am considering remove dancing blade for wailling overdrive for a more aggro base deck.

I am updating a video of good face mirror to show you how necessary is spirit of the wild.


Man, unless I’m playing Variax, this deck has been rough to play against. It’s all over the ladder.


Yeah vanar mech struggle against variax but even know with call of the wild I can deal with it. The thing is Variax doesn’t run all time silence so it can be problem for mechazor. I will upload a video maybe to show.


Got one also that has a lot in common (Corona, Spirit, DBlade, Meltdown, but no walls) and I think Heart-Sister is really staple, especially when you need to bring back a dispelled Mechaz0r from the back for meleeing the opponent (and all the other tremendous combos :stuck_out_tongue: ).


My first version was with hearth-sister but I have some pretty bad game because this card is most of the time used early for the BBS value and you won’t keep it for mechazor most of the time. Compared to Spirit of the wild which is a 5 mana cost spell so only mid late game and you a greater value than hearthsister.
Also not every deck can silence Mechazor. Those who can silence from distance like vanar you have to put your mechazor close enough to ennemy and try to drop Spirit of the wild soon enough.
Personally I didn’t see any vanar with spirit of the wild this season.
Concerning Gravity well I would say it’s pretty good early with aspect of the fox. Pple don’t play around it so you can trade their early range they try to protect close to the wall. It can also lock late game ennemy with corona if he is on a corner such as he can’t play any minion.
And this card has good synergy with the “sword of mechazor” because he had to put minion close to general and trade first wall or do some pretty bad trade (I will post a magmar video).


I am considering about adding Blood Taura instead of dancing blade could be good with Spirit of the wild. But you need to be at 4-5 hp to have the combo which is pretty unfortunate


Thanks for the advice, I’ll give a try.
Only cards missing is the 3 walls, any smart replacement ?


you can either x3 each cards (mech, DB and meltdown) for consistency or put hearthsister but not sure in this deck


i don’t have chasis of mechazor ; - ; lol

do you think swapping out soujourner for spell jammer could work? i think it’ll fill the 4 slot quite nicely.


Yeah, you don’t need Chassis for mech decks really. You could even run a more classic 4 drop like Sunsteel or Dioltas if you wanted and it would probably work fine.


dioltas sounds sick for this, though it has no synergy whatsoever.


if you don’t have chassis you can still play 2x spelljamer with 3x sojourner that’s not a problem. It could be actually better because you have low cost mechazor later that you can easier combo with spirit of the wild. Several top 10 player play 3xspelljammer and soj in vanar togayther.


that sounds like a deal actually XD.


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