S rank - Jiyose's Mechanical Sajj


hey guys. What about a Mechaz0r Sajj? Yes it works. It is currently in Tier A ( It can beat most of http://www.bagoum.com/tierlist.html ) and I will need you to help me transforming this masterpiece into 'S"

Way to Play:

  • List item Just mulligan for Wings of Mech, Z0r, Pax, SpellJammer, and one first wish ( You need early draw ), then try to gain tempo

  • List item Next you have to control the board and then you finish with Mechaz0r or Nosh-Rak


Save Autarch’s Gift to the end game
Know the right time to make the strategic retreat, because you a not made to face the opponent

Thank you


I am confused.


Sorry. I mean concearning http://www.bagoum.com/tierlist.html


That’s a tier list made by one person which is as such very biased and mostly incorrect. Why would you possibly care about where on it the deck is located? For god’s sake, burn magmar is a top deck on that list, lmfao. Tells you enough about it’s quality.

Talking about the deck itself, it’s plain bad. It’s a mech deck that barely runs any mechs and has multiple win cons other than mechs which are all gimmicks like autarchs gifts and arguably nosh-rak.

edit: might as well check this out: https://redd.it/5jc8dm


thank you for your response


I’ve been running this in diamond recently, took out GM Nosh Rak because he felt too slow and needed greater mech density.


I will check. thanks


You should try this with Sajj


Trying this list in gold, but need to add some tech like skorn, and/or oasis, swarm is a plague!
Vs other decks it’ s a fair game.


I played quite a bit of pauper Mech Sajj this season on my two F2Ps. I went through a number of different iterations, including ones with Autarch’s Gifts. Eventually I dropped all the fancy tricks for something much simpler and found it to be more effective. It worked with Zirix, too, but I found it to be slightly better with Sajj in the end.

“Pauperbot 78”

78 because Grandmaster Nosh-Rak on 7 and Meltdown on 8. =S


Your deck go every where. Either you go aggro mechazor or you go artefact but not both.
Something like:

To be optimized. But I don’t believe it’s top tier.


Did you achieve rank S with this deck ? if not plse change title


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