S Rank in 67 Wins!


I just went on an amazing run, hitting S Rank in only 67 wins, and the deck I used to get there (I used a different, crappier deck to get into Diamond and then experimented with different things upon hitting Diamond) has over an 80% win ratio and felt extremely dominant in most games. You guys might as well take advantage of it and use this while you can, as I’m extremely confident at least one of the cards, possibly more than one, will be nerfed sooner than later.

Here’s the list-

Zirix Starstrider

Siphon Energy x3
Scion’s First Wish x3
Healing Mystic x3
Primus Fist x3
Rust Crawler x3
Rasha’s Curse x1
Scion’s Second Wish x1
Falcius x3
Saberspine Tiger x3
Lightbender x3
Primus Shieldmaster x3
Sworn Sister L’kian x2
Inquisitor Kron x3
Aymara Healer x3
Dominate Will x2

It’s streamlined, extremely consistent and brutally powerful.

Siphon Energy-

Dispel is probably the single most powerful effect in the game right now. Where do you want me to begin? Kron, Aymara Healer, Ironcliffe Guardian, Silverguard Knight, Lanturn Fox, Chakri Avatar, all Obelysks, Nimbus, Dunecaster, Bloodmoon Priestess, Abyssal Juggernaut, Kelaino, Spectral Revenant, Vaath, Amplification, anything with Rebirth, Taygete, Kara minions, Snow Chaser, Vanar walls, Glacial Elemental… I won’t even list neutral things, and there are a ton of relevant things I didn’t list either. There are SO. MANY. TARGETS. right now. I HIGHLY recommend 6 dispel effects and if you wanted to even add Ephemeral Shroud somewhere I wouldn’t fault you (other than the fact that it’d mean changing my perfect list :smiley: ). Siphon Energy has the advantage over Lightbender in that it costs 0 and cannot ever hit your own minions.

Scion’s First Wish-

Going second, going Saberspine Tiger + SFW and killing their first turn 2/3 creature is one of the most powerful openings in the game right now and it’s very difficult to come back from. That alone makes it an auto include, but it happens to be one of the most efficient spells in the game. Hugely relevant effect, super cheap cost, and it cantrips so there is basically no way anything can go wrong. Automatic 3 of in ANY Vetruvian list.

Healing Mystic/Primus Fist-

One of the key weaknesses of Vetruvian is that their class 2 drops suck. Pyromancer is really sketchy and vulnerable to a plethora of things and even if it does secure an orb going first, it will virtually always die to do so, which is not worth it. Pax is an OKAY card, but we’re not doing anything with Obelysks or Dervishes so we don’t have any synergy for it at all and it’s not reliable AT ALL for getting orbs, so it has no place here. So, with the options limited, these good old rock steady neutrals are the way to go. They have a lot of subtle synergy within the deck too. Primus Fist randomly pumps Tigers, Ranged/Frenzy minions made by Kron, your own Kron to kill opposing Krons and live to tell the tale, make your Starstrider tokens kill larger things while gaining card advantage, etc. Mystic is probably slightly worse than Fist in the deck overall but healing your general can be huge against aggro decks and healing Provoke minions, which we have a lot of, can be backbreaking in a board control kind of matchup.

Rust Crawler-

Originally I had just 2 of this card, basically as 2 drop filler that I liked better than any of the Vetruvian options, and if it happens to hit something, cool, but I wasn’t at all counting on it. But then it DID hit things. And then the next time I played it it hit something again. And again. And again. And, additionally, I really like 9 2 drops a lot better than I like 8. Rasha’s Curse, of course, does not count. I have seen a ton of artifacts in the current meta from Bloodrage Mask to Spectral Blade to the new and extremely dangerous Spinecleaver. Crawler has been amazing for me. I bumped him up to 3 and never looked back and I even added a Rasha’s Curse for good measure.

Rasha’s Curse-

See above. It’s almost always better late game than Rust Crawler is, but the 3/1 split favoring Crawler is preferable because our late game is already extremely strong and we need the early game consistency, which means ALWAYS having a 2 drop to play when going first. The burst can win games out of nowhere, especially when paired with Tiger, First Wish, Second Wish or Primus Fist.

Scion’s Second Wish-

I dislike drawing this card in my opening hand, or drawing it in multiples, so I don’t want 3 or even 2 copies. It invites card disadvantage via a removal spell or a dispel effect. That said, it has a hugely powerful effect, mainly in the late game, and as such I want to give myself one copy and hope to get there. On Provoke minions or on Saberspine Tiger it can be the final nail in the coffin in the late game. As stated before, however, I wouldn’t recommend running more than one copy.


This card is bonkers and might get nerfed. I can see it becoming a 3/2 instead of 3/3, costing 4 or only giving +1 instead of +2. As it stands, this card is wildly good. Killing a 4 health minion for free AND getting a 3/3 on top of it, for THREE RESOURCES, is insane. It gets free kills and gives a body, does 4 damage to the opposing general for free, or deals with opposing Aymara Healer consequence free (it shields you from its Dying Wish effect too). This is an auto 3 of in any Vetruvian deck and is, in fact, one of the reasons to play Vetruvian right now.

Saberspine Tiger-

Vetruvian 3 drop options, other than the overpowered Falcius, are pretty crappy. Tiger provides great late game burst and helps win races and it’s one of the two pieces to the super strong turn 1 Tiger + Scion’s First Wish combo. Tiger is important in general when you go second as even without SFW as a lot of the time simply trading the old fashioned way with their turn 1 2/3 is your best play. It prevents them from taking orb for free on the next turn, which is huge, and your 4 resource turn is pretty powerful. It puts you ahead on tempo and on board from very early on, and once this deck gets ahead it can be really hard for opponents to come back.


See why Dispel is just awesome in the Siphon Energy section. Lightbender has the advantage over Siphon Energy in that it can hit multiple targets at once, hits Shadow Creep, Vaath and other things that Siphon Energy cannot and gives a 3/3 body. In my entire climb to S NEVER ONCE did me having to hit my own (relevant) minions with Lightbender come up. Don’t worry about it.

Primus Shieldmaster-

The main theme of the deck is brutal board control via Provoke lock and achieving card advantage via efficient minions and spells. This helps with both! It certainly doesn’t mind Scion’s First Wish, Primus Fist or Healing Mystic support either. This is a core piece of what the deck is trying to do.

Sworn Sister L’kian-

Originally I had this as a 3 of, but drawing it, or multiples, early on/in my opening hand was never what I wanted so I cut down to 2. This is the card in the deck I’m the least sure on. It’s late game card advantage is definitely good, and it can be a big X factor against other control decks, but at the same time Vetruvian in particular has a larger number of garbage targets than other factions. I definitely found myself holding Time Maelstrom and Corpse Combustion far more than I’d like to… Of course, when it finds Dominate Will + Falcius AND gives you a 2/4 it’s the best card in the world. So yeah… Insane upside, really terrible downside. I like 2, personally, but I can definitely understand if you’re not a fan of this card in general. Part of my issue is I just don’t see anything that costs 4 that I’d like to replace it with. Wind Shrike is way too easy to kill and vulnerable to dispel.

Inquisitor Kron-

What’s to say about this card that hasn’t already been said? This is THE best card in the new set and it belongs in basically every single deck as a 3 of in the metagame. It’s overpowered and WILL be nerfed sooner than later. Til then, play 3, use your brain, win. This deck supports it pretty well with Scion’s First/Second Wish, Primus Fist, Healing Mystic and a bunch of other Provoke minions to back it up. DON’T play Aethermaster or White Widow because you’re playing Kron. Those cards are both “win more” and Kron doesn’t need any additional support to win. It does that just fine on its own! You shouldn’t play cards that are bad on their own (Aethermaster, looking at you) just to make Kron slightly more powerful.

Aymara Healer-

Not as good in the current meta as it has been in the past thanks to Dispel everywhere, Falcius and a comparably (or arguably MORE) powerful Provoke minion that everyone has access to in Inquisitor Kron and yet it’s still so, so good! Too big, too efficient, too powerful of an effect. Kron is still the star of the show, but Healer is about as perfect of a followup to Kron as you can get.

Dominate Will-

Backbreaking in the current meta. ABSOLUTELY run 2 copies. The effect is super strong right now. You can’t realistically run 3 because it costs 7 and you obviously don’t want to draw it in your opening hand or draw multiples early on (early on it should be the first card you replace) but in the late game it’s one of THE most powerful effects in the game. Taking Kron then replacing is OP. Taking opposing Healers is insane. Taking one of the many gigantic Magmar minions is a game winning play. This card is not overpowered because of its cost and limitations (your general has to be next to the minion you’re taking) but it is one of the most powerful effects in the entire game.


-Very consistent and reliable
-Playing many of the most powerful cards in the game at the current time
-Controls the board extremely well
-Has many ways to generate card advantage
-With 6 Dispel effects and 4 Artifact destruction effects, has the tools to win any matchup and overcome any card


-8 Legendaries, 1 Epic, 5 Rares = not an option for players on a budget
-Threats are generally better than answers. Meaning if you draw Rust Crawler and they DON’T draw Spinecleaver, you don’t necessarily win whereas if they draw Spinecleaver and you don’t draw Rust Crawler/Rasha’s Curse they probably DO win. The same concept applies to a lesser extent to the Dispel effects, though with 6 it shouldn’t be too hard to find 1.
-L’kian sometimes gives you garbage
-No direct minion removal (Phoenix Fire, Dark Transformation, etc)

Honestly, it was really hard to find ANY cons for the deck, and the ones that I did list are all quite minor. I’ve been S every single month since I began playing this game and this is the most dominant deck I’ve ever used to get there. It has no bad matchups and is generally extremely powerful and efficient. I HIGHLY recommend you ride this to S while you’re able to as nerfs ARE incoming.

Happy Gaming!



I mean… Crawlers should be very easy to acquire if you don’t already have them. They’re common! My advice would of course be to simply get and run the Crawlers. In the meantime I guess Jaxi would have to do, but I think that would weaken the deck significantly as you need to have sturdy 2 drops that will stick around and get you orb on the subsequent turn. And yes, the artifact destruction is relevant, but Curse only helps with the artifact destruction, not with being an actual drop that can get orb. That’s why Crawler is so important- it does both! :slight_smile:


Yup, just crafted em, thanks for the answer :smiley:


Mm this may sound noob but how to we get L’kian? And are there any feasible replacements to the 3x Krons? (Only has one :S)


You get L’kian automatically when you have 3 copies of all the other sisters. For players on a budget, this can be quite a task. L’kian is probably replaceable. WInd Shrike or Emerald Rejuvinator are both cheaper options. Unfortunately Kron is 100% necessary for the deck. It’s probably THE single most powerful card in the entire game right now and it’s simply irreplaceable. If it’s any consolation, however, I’m all but certain it will be changed/nerfed sooner rather than later.


Yes, it sounds noob. And thats perfectly alright, this is a forum man, we’re here to help you out!


That’s not true. You get l’kian once you’ve got 6 core neutral rare cards 3x.


i had 82,5% winrate with lyonar , does that mean its going to be nerfed now :frowning: ?
maybe not because i forgott to make a post! happy me!


It’s not going to get nerfed because of my win rate with it! Lol. Someone would have to have an absurdly huge ego to believe something like that. It’s going to get nerfed because Kron is simply overpowered. It has nothing to do with me.


Just wanted to foreground this another time - before some players start to craft all the faction rares and recognize that they don’t get L’Kian after it.


Yes, this was an error on my part. When Sisters came out initially I had all of them instantly without having to do anything so I guess I remembered the specifics of getting them incorrectly. Sorry about that!


Just to double check, meaning I should get the sisters as long as I play more and level each faction to 18? o_O

If yes… my Vanar and Abyssian are still 0! >_<


It’s not about leveling up your factions, it’s about how many 3x rares you have, which are obtained through orbs or crafting. For any of the sisters, you’ll need 6 full sets of core rares from the corresponding faction.


Oh! So for L’kian, which “core set neutral rares” will I need? Does cards like Chakkram, Wind Runner, Sunsteel Defender count?


You will need 6 sets of any core neutral rares. I am unsure of whether the monthly added cards count, although I would guess that they do.


I just wanna confirm by “core neutral rares”, you do mean any rare quality neutral card like wind runner, sunsteel defender, chakkram, etc? so 3 of each, 6 sets = 18 rare cards? :S


Yes - you got it.
You can have a quick look at the cards that are candidates if you type “core rare” in the search field of the collections-section and navigate to the neutral cards tab.
Edit: You have to deselect “show shimzar”.


Sorry! I just realized how ambiguous I was. As locoblutaxt pointed out, core refers to the base set of cards, which excludes shimzar.


Ah ic! Long way to go T___T… thanks guys!


I decided to splash and made this deck but I’m facing the following issues:

  • Opponent saving their dispels for my Aymaras & Krons as they didn’t have to use it on any lower mana minions (my Obelysks/Paxes used to soak up lots of dispels)

  • L’kian is often stuck on my hand as 4 mana is quite a big deal and it often gives me useless cards :frowning:

  • Still hovering around rank 7 T_T, tips/helps are very welcome!