S-Rank Flyonar Deck



I’ve been playing this deck almost exclusively all season. It started out trying to make a meme deck work, but I’ve found it to be a very solid deck. It got me to S rank no problems, and I played it in the Duelyst Pro League qualifying tournament to good effect. Overall I’ve had 57 wins 18 losses, a 76% win rate. I posted this here to show that Flying Lyonar / Lyonair ™ / Flyonar is a viable deck archetype.

How to play

This deck plays similarly to an aggro lyonar deck. It wants to take board control and start pushing face damage. It uses lyonar’s strong low cost minions and cheap buffs, along with holy immolation and arcelyte regalia. I opted not to include any answer cards other than repulser beast, as I want to be the one with the initiative, playing threats instead of answering my opponents.

If you can get your opponent to back off to conserve health, it gives you space to effectively use the flying package. Skywing lets you spam out multiple flying minions which all demand answers. I almost always use flying minions to hit face and close out the game faster.


This deck has a favourable matchup against Cassyva. She can’t keep up early game, and doesn’t have clean answers to flying minions. Kelaino can be an issue if you don’t have a flying minion to take her down. By the time Cass reaches 7 mana, you should be threatening too much damage for her to drop shadow novas or revenants. I often don’t play ironcliffs unless Cass has already used some lures.

Vaath is even. He doesn’t have ways to deal with flying minions, but he can often keep up on the board. You should try to use immolation to take board control, and play around makantor destroying your own board. If you can get him low enough to be forced to back off, the extra space can buy you a lot of time to win with flying minions. Taygette isn’t too much of an issue because flying minions and dioltas trade well with it.

Kara is probably slightly in their favour. They have more answers than most for flying minions, and their opening gambit minions can be good at dissecting your board. I often avoid playing dioltas / ironcliff because the tempo loss of having them removed can be game-losing. Immolation and regalia are the MVP’s of this matchup.

If you have any questions about card choices or how to play the deck, I will do my best to answer.

The deck


That’s a nice idea for a deck, save this concept for the expansion though! Smorking with wings of paradise and dropping an Ironcliffe turn 2 sounds amazing to me. :smiley:


I love the deck! Lyonair ™ shows that out of the box deckbuilding can lead to hilarious, yet effective lists. I’m sure there are still lots of strong (meme) decks out there, that noone has figured out yet.

Meanwhile, I made a “budget” version of your deck on my smurf in silver. Lyonair ™ does the job very well.


Was fun watching you play in the tournament :smiley:


I was thinking about making a flying Lyonar deck for a while now. Too bad that I’m not really that good of a deck builder :confused:
Thanks for the share man! :slight_smile:


I like the concept around it, but I can’t get over how much it lacks spells that in my opinion are useful
How do you go around without tempest and sunbloom?
I would like to hear about that, thanks in advance!


You develop a strong enough board presence to trade into threats that would require that kinda removal and you try to win hard and fast. Holy Immo + Repulsor + tiger is enough removal/answer stuff for aggressive lists like this, since you should always have the stronger board in the early game thanks to your excellent 2 drops and holy immo being face damage + a excellent clear vs early and midgame threats.

Put another way: You don’t need to react if you keep pressuring your opponent to the point, where he doesn’t have spare mana left do develop own stuff outside of answering yours.


I see your point.
Maybe I’m not as good at pressuring because I build it to check it out but I’m not doing that good (I just came back after a hiatus and it wasbetter than my 12 month old deck that’s for sure since I didn’t even know about certain nerfs)

It may be my curse at rng but I always end up with a silly hand even after mulligans and end up with no presence at all ;_;
Thanks for the tips though, I’ll try to git gud


Cassador pretty much hit the nail on the head. Sun bloom and tempest are only situationally useful, so I decided to cut them for more consistent early game pressure (and closing power). Tempest is good at clearing swarmy minions but swarm is out of the meta and we’re the one that wants to be swarming 2 drops, clearing our own minions doesn’t sound too good. Sun bloom is too situational, we typically want to either completely clear their board without leaving dispelled bodies behind, or go face. The only time a lack of dispel hurts is a turn 2 dioltas, but even then I would run ephemeral shroud instead. All in all the deck works fine just applying pressure and forcing them to deal with our threats. If its turn 6 and they drop an aymara, we just repulser it and set up lethal.


Fair enough, guess I’m just not too used to it
I was thinking about a lyonar regalia deck, considering I play something similar in Force Of Will
Since I’ve been out of the meta for 10 months, is that viable or would it be plain silly?


Hey alphacentury, thanks for the fun deck, been having good matches with it losing or drawing to simple mistakes. So, because dispel isn’t packed, what do you do against decks like swarm abyssian who may place key minions in the back like shadow dancer or bloodmoon? Thanks again, Echo.


Haven’t played this deck much since Shim’zar as it got no support (the new dragon is way too slow). You just want to be proactive and create pressure so that they do not have the breathing room to play slow value generators in the back rows. A great way to do this is to drop a flying minion safely - if they play anything like that then your flyer can trade into it for free, so usually they’ll try to answer your flyer first. Of course, if I have to answer something like a Kelaino the typical answer is to tiger it, or roar+tiger, but this never feels great. If you’re lucky you can use minion + holy immolation to clear it.