S-Rank Deckguide - Control Cassyva by ThePandorica


Hey everyone, postong this on behalf of my teammate.

ThePandorica here – I have just started playing Duelyst seriously after stopping Hearthstone and I’ve managed to hit S-Rank with the following deck, Control Cassyva.

For an in-depth analysis of the deck, please head over to the team website: http://www.teamabyssus.com/2016/10/28/s-rank-deckguide-control-cassyva-thepandorica/


I like the article. There are plenty of decklists floating around, but most of them don’t really explain all the much about the strategy.


I ended up reading the note comparing the game with HS. Really cool.

The decks seems “odd” at first because of the amount of “1 ofs” but might be really nice, definetly going to try it out :smiley:


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