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S-Rank Burnhorn List - Part 2 (The Guide)


So I posted this deck list last month after going 8-0 from Rank 1 Diamond to S-Rank, but I never bothered to really explain how I pilot this deck (not gonna lie, the deck is kinda weird). After more testing, even though I’m only rank 4 Diamond at the moment (1st semester freshman in college, so I’m playing like 30 minutes every 3 days haha), I’m pretty confident to say that I really like where this deck is with an ~80% winrate in Diamond.

Something I would like to establish before discussing this deck list is that Decimus + Spikes is not entirely the focus of the deck. As a matter of fact, I don’t really think “Burnhorn” is a super appropriate name for the deck either due to the nature of how it runs. It’s one hell of a deck, but its incredibly strange and it definitely has a spot in my heart <3

(ALSO, this is the first deck guide/informative discussion on the forums, so let me know if there’s anything I should add)

Something I love about the deck is that it’s rather comfortable to play. Its not a mindless one-card turn Midrange Vaath style deck, but its also not a nailbiter like Aggro Reva (I love playing both decks for different reasons, but this Starhorn deck has a style of its own to be honest)

The deck focuses on swarming the board with cheap (yet incredibly strong) minions such as Young Silithar and Ragebinder, while using some tempo-heavy minions such as Lavaslasher and Makantor Warbeast to maintain a board. Your goal is to maintain advantage on board and provide enough threats that your opponent either can’t keep up or is struggling to keep up, and that’s where I enter my next point:

Its fine to drop a Decimus raw without Tectonic Spikes or Entropic Gaze to follow it up.

Before someone crucifies me and says “But Deci Spikes is 9 damage on turn 7 and blah blah blah”, its not that bad if your opponent choses to use removal on your Decimus if you have a Slasher/Ragebinder/Silithar on board to keep up with the pressure. In fact, a lot of times I’ll straight up drop Decimus on my opponent’s face within their proximity rather than position him in a place that is unreachable; When you are ahead on board, feel free to drop more threats or maintain your board, and at that point, removing a Decimus won’t do too much to be honest.

It is UP TO YOU to decide whether or not it’s more important to run forward, punch face and drop a Makantor, or if backing up and dropping a Decimus followed by Spikes is the better option. If you’re down on board, coming back will be incredibly difficult outside of a good Makantor and/or a good Homeostatic Rebuke.

Tectonic Spikes and Entropic Gaze
I originally ran 3 Spelljammers in place of the Entropic Gazes, but I felt that the Jammers didn’t contribute enough to the board and often cost too much for me to get much done. Rather than running a card that costs 4 mana and doesn’t combo with Decimus, I decided to run a set of Gazes since its cheaper, its generally more consistent and flexible, and it also combos with Decimus which is nice.

It’s also PERFECTLY FINE to drop a Spikes or Gaze raw in this deck without Decimus on board. As stated earlier, burn isn’t necessarily a priority of this deck. Its more important to get as much value as you can out of your turns and keep up on the advantage. Sometimes when I’m ahead on board and don’t feel the need to drop a Makantor or Slasher to deal with my opponent’s minions, I’ll drop a Spikes or Gaze to fill my hand and mill my opponent, followed up by a Silithar or a Ragebinder. (Note: Gaze is also super good at breaking artifacts since there isn’t much commitment to dropping it, so keep that in mind)

Minion/Spell Priorities
Early on, I’ll often look for low-curve minions such as Silithars, Ragebinders, Golem Metallurgists (to accompany the Ragebinders and set up for 4-mana Slashers), and Spikes to possibly refill my hand. Generally, Silithar will be your best turn 1 play, unless you happen to open up both Metallurgist and Slasher (Slasher on turn 2 is insane). Healing Mystic tends to be more of a mid-game tool that keeps your minions and board healthy, so opening with it isn’t super optimal but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

Slashers are the Blood of Airs of this deck: Once you reach the 4-5 mana turn, you’ll want to keep it because you KNOW it will put in a lot of work, and your opponent should fear turn 5 because of Slasher. It’s really that good.

2 cards that are the real MVP’s of the deck (and yet I forgot to mention them) are Krater and Rebuke. Both of the cards will aid you in maintaining board advantage in specific matchups, and Krater is especially good against any deck that might run minions with 1 health (Ragnora, Reva, Wall Vanar, Swarm Abyssian), so it will definitely come in clutch sometimes. Learn to recognize matchups so you will know whether or not that Rebuke or Krater (or two even) is worth keeping in your action bar.

That’s all I really have to say about this deck to be honest. I might’ve missed a thing or two, but if so, I’ll edit this post and leave a note in the comments.

If you have any questions about this deck, please leave questions below! This is my first deck guide, so I know it’s far from perfect, but I tried my best to explain this strange mess of a deck. I really tried XD


Actually it’s closer to perfect than you may think.
Well done!


Good read, I added it to the wiki.



Does burnhorn even need a guide? :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, just kiddng maybe

Anyway, props for the good work and for sharing :+1:


Haha :joy: I honestly agree with you bro. Partially :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Burnhorn and Magmar in general has a pretty low skill ceiling since most decks are just control or midrange. This deck is generally straightforward too, except it has like 3 different “routes” that you need to understand and learn to apply at given times. I feel like although the skill cap of this deck is kinda mediumish, it has a very strong performance ceiling so I’m here to aid players in playing the deck what I would consider the optimal way :grin:


Nice list! Nerf Decimus.


Pls don’t nerf Decimus :((( My boi doesn’t deserve it


It doesn’t need to be a hard nerf, tho.

It might be even actually a buff for its usage out of Magmar.


Could you reiterate that statement? I’m not entirely sure what you meant by that haha :joy:


Exactly that it meant - it doesn’t need to be a “weaken it to near unusability” as PLEZ NORF throes usually goes, it might be a change that is relatively power-neutral to the most loved aspect of Decispikes but less punishing otherwise - perhaps even more usable in other factions if my neutral hate doesn’t take root and he becomes Magmar only.

I dunno. Health down to 3 from 4, effect changed from 2 damage when enemy draws to 1 damage when anyone draws? Keeps decispikes intact, but doesn’t punishes your attempts to find answers/recover as much.


3 health is pretty fine tbh, since it’ll be susceptible to ping which will balance the card out.

Deal 1 damage is an interesting idea. That makes it a lot easier to remove artifacts tho, which is kinda iffy but its cool haha


Nice write-up! Thanx!

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