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S-Rank Burnhorn deck


I went 8-0 today laddering from Rank 1 to S-Rank. I took AlphaCentury’s Burnhorn deck and tweaked it so that it was more reliable on controlling the board rather than just outputting damage (Don’t get me wrong AlphaCentury if you’re reading this, I love all your lists. I actually hit Rank 1 with your Aggro Reva list :smiley:)

The deck works beautifully and I love it. I’ve never actually posted on the forums before, but this deck took me from Rank 1 to S-Rank 67 in 8 consecutive wins so I really felt like sharing it.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions :smiley: Its still a work in progress! I will provide my own thoughts on card choices if requested :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a very standardised Magmar list, so nothing too much to say here. Congratulations on reaching S though.


Thanks man! I mostly just teched in Rebukes but it honestly makes a pretty big difference haha


It is rebuke after all.



@alexx55, if you are still interested in Burn Horn you may like this list.


Mmm, ty for ping, will definitely check it out


Great deck and congratulations for reaching the S-rank!! ^^


This deck list is more focused on winning the board rather than outputting damage, so thats why I’m running Natural Selection and Rebuke. You could replace them with Spelljammers or something if you wanna go more aggro, but this is just my style :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes!


No offense but this is the generic burnhorn 0815 list anyone knows with some MINOR changes…no reason to post it



finally someone said it.


I get that, but I feel that the difference when I replaced Kujatas, Amps and Jammers with removal and Entropic Gaze was really substantial so I felt like sharing my own tech list. Just felt like sharing the exact list I went 8-0 with going into S-Rank after tweaking around with it in Ladder a lot. I hope there’s nothing wrong with that looool


listen man, no one is trying to hurt you, we’re all friends here but frankly - did you look into s rank in the watch section? it is flooded with burn version, wanderer, aggro, things that go into s rank pretty easy.

running here and shouting that you invented a new deck just by replacing the secondary mechanics of your deck with a different ones that doing the same job but slightly different is OK but it is not going crazy over type of thing.

you know what people here want to see? get to s rank with underplayed archtype, if you got the time to grind over to s - create new openings, think of new staff.
@kevin2hard got ziran to s rank and look what happened - a new fresh hell.
not long ago buildmar has been invented and everyone we’re on their feet.
what i’m trying to say - congrats, but there is nothing to see here i can take burn list from duelyst central.


To be fair, in the description of the list, I said that this list was just a standard AlphaCentury list tweaked, so yeah I acknowledge that the list isn’t original, but I still felt like sharing a variation of Burnhorn thats underrepresented. Even if its just teching in 2 Rebukes and making the deck less aggro than most people make it out to be, I still feel like its something that’s somewhat worth sharing since it feels so different from every other burn list I’ve played with up until S-Rank to be honest.

And yeah, I do watch the S-Rank Watch section as a way to improve in the game


Some people on this thread are being so pompous that I’m out of words.


@snowshot, @terrarius, I really see no reason to go so aggro against a person who got S and decided to share his success with the community.

It’s a present, a gift, generic or not. As much as I hate Magmar in general and Burnhorn in particular, I’m grateful.

I could also say that @terrarius’ list posted in another thread is quite generic except for a couple of changes. It doesn’t and it shouldn’t discourage a person to post it and trigger some discussion. Also some of @deathsadvocate’s lists can be considered “generic” (but most do not qualify for this, of course) but nobody talks to him like he’s shit because of it.

As for me, @michaelxiao7, my respect and thanks, and I encourage you to post more lists. We really need more content creators out here.


Actually people do…a lot. And even more so for some of my interesting tech choices that are often the source of success. Its incredibly discouraging, particularly when it comes from high ranked folks who have some sort of ego they need to parade around.

My point is, stop being jerks people! Alplod is exactly right! If people share they should get either props, constructive criticism, questions, or suggestions. This putting people down and letting egos run rampant and unchecked, or resorting to straw man arguments is why people don’t share as much and instead why there is little content and lots of toxicity.

@michaelxiao7 congrads, I like your list quite a bit. I always thought the all in no answers approach was not very good, your angle is much closer to how I like to do things. Your list sits somewhere between three different lists I have from my master thread. The Aggressive variant of Anti Draw and parts of both versions of my Impale deck. You can find them here:

Have entropic and young slithar been pulling their weight? I tend to find Entropic underwhelming unless you are really commited to the antidraw archtype, and slithar is never bad but I almost never find room for him short of swarmy lists.


The thing is that i didn,t post the list in a seperate threat…i know it doesn,t realy need sharing because it is quite generic
I just posted the list as response to eu claiming kaleos does not deserve a spot on the tierlist (realy triggered me if im honest)
But perphaps we should not be so hestitant about posting and not complain about 2 lists beeing similar(aslong we also post the inspiration like he did)
I was very conflicted about making a post for my kaleos list(it was even before he got on the tierlist)…at the one hand it would have been the most optimized kaleos list out there.Infact im so confident in this list that i didn,t even apply deathsadvocates suggestions on the deck.Surely he is much better than me… but i think that the amount of time ive spent with kaleos qualify me in this one instance to stick with my own version.
But even if optimized it would still have been very generic at the end

Artifact Reva S rank Decklist

I can’t tell if you’re referring to me or the other guy. If its me, my bad haha. Its not intentional tbh


Silithar is in my opinion the best 2 drop in the deck if you don’t open Metallurgist and another Golem since it has a really high chance of sticking on the board. When I played a more all-or-nothing variation of the deck that was pretty much 100% aggro, the card wasn’t great and I found myself replacing it a lot, but I find that in a slower variation of Burnhorn, Young Silithar really sticks and helps control the board.

Entropic Gaze is interesting. My original list had 3 Spelljammers, but I felt that Spelljammer was a little slow in Burnhorn and it didn’t really contribute to the board that much, so I opted to run Entropic Gaze since it DOES contribute to the deck’s draw power a little better than Jammer imo and it also does 4 damage with Decimus.

In short, instead of waiting for the end of your turn for a 1-for-1 draw (Spelljammer), or dropping a Tech Spikes to refill your hand, I found that Entropic Gaze helps with your resource management and the extra burn does help in the earlier games, especially against artifact decks.


Not you. You’re doing fine.