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S-rank Brome(bond)


Those are literally the only two reasons to play this over Argy.

And yeah Magesworn is pretty fantastic, but hard to run it over Dioltas/Ironcliffe, and this deck is a little fast for it.


Probably Auroara and any buff card lyonar has like Prism Barrier or Lionheart blessing. Being able to guarantee a minion to buff makes carrying them more easy worse case scenario you put them on bbs .

Also Skywind Glavies are probably a little better as well.When the new 2 drop comes out. It worth experiment with building your own titan with artifacts.But none of this stuff is better than those two spells.


Seriously? S-rank climb in 2 days? WTF?

Anyway, deck looks nice, I’ve build something similar but haven tested it yet since i am still missing Ironcliff hearts. Choices are clear for the most part but why Sun whisp? With all the ping running around is he really a good choice? Sure he cycles but giving Vanar free DMGs isn’t really ideal?


Youre right…i find myself replacing him quite often because he will just get pinged if i play him t1…perphaps azure herald is a good replacement,allowing me to replace scintilla for wild tahr.Wild tahr is good in this type of deck but i had no space and needed scintilla to have some heal.
Do you think replacing wisp for herald and scintilla for tahr is a good idea?


Don’t replace Scintilla, especially for Tahr, the card is way too good in grindy games.

Wisp I’m less partial to, but it seems to work here, if anything I’d eventually look into Shiro over Wisp if Magmar ever catches up to the meta after it’s nap and start playing Plasma Storm again.


After doing some testing my self this is what I came up with.


Early on my win rate was…unimpressive to say the least. Given some of that was due to misplays due to a combination of playing late and having no experience with brome, and there was a lot of bad luck. I still think brome is much stronger then people give him credit for, as he has some really strong tools to compliment his bbs. I plan to do some more testing.

So lets talk about why I changed what I did. I decided to cut Dioltas because without argeons BBs I just did not like the tombstone, cutting him made room for some powerful late game tech in Magesworn and EMP, both of which are great bond targets. With the copy of EMP in there I moved one of the sunblooms onto Ironcliffe heart because man that card is good for this deck. I figured the deck had enough provoke and I really wanted to add some reach so I opted for Solpiercer over good old knight. Pierce is a really great zeal minion perfect for afterblaze, aegis, and even divine bond sometimes.

My latest change, which I am still not sure about, is adding Arclyte Regalia. Its a powerful card that helps with survive-ability which made me comfortable moving Scintilla to two, without it I would want Scintilla three. Tiger is what got cut, without Argeons BBs and not wanting to spend your other buffs on him, plus the added reach of Sol Peircer I felt he was under performing.


Cutting tiger was a mistake and regalia has been underperforming in this artifact unfriendly meta. Scintilla to 3, tiger to 2, and regalia out. Out of my many losses with the deck…almost all of them have been in tiger lethal range to.

Between getting better with the deck and my many small changes its starting to perform really well.

So take that with a grain of salt because as I said my winrate has been underwhelming, meanwhile you have done exceptionally well so the style of your deck certainly works, mine is just a different angle. As for some of your questions, I absolutely would not swap out wisp and drop scintilla, you really need wisp to keep your curve healthy and its a great heart target, and you really need scintilla for survive-ability.

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After having tested out your version myself…i must say that i like it more than my own.
I was sceptical about sol piercer …but thanks to aegis,afterblaze and bond it is abseloutely brutal.Much more consistent than dioltas which can be pretty clunky with the random spawn and without argeon BBs.
Naturally emp and magesworn do a good job

I would call this the best version of bond-brome right now.


Maybe a bit unrelated, but finally it has to be done … I need some Lyonar deck to unlock Brome …
What did you use ?


Im not them but it’s probably Titan as that deck is VERY strong just a small play rate.




Why are you running Aegis Barrier over War Judicator? Especially with Magesworn.

And Magesworn with 3 of Scintella? and No Trinity Oath or Circle of life? I’m not understanding this deck list.


What the heck? How did you put out a post without 15 characters!? SORCERY, BURN THE WITCH!


From my experience, War Judicator can be clunky due to it requiring you to have minions on board (play it on an established board or hope it survives to gain value), hence why I feel Aegis Barrier is superior due to its flexible low cost (plus Aegis cycles). However, like you mentioned, I feel like Magesworn has a lot of anti synergy with the deck.


It has very few low cost spells. If your planning on magesworn you just aegis early if you see it at all. Magesworn is a hard counter to some decks when you play it, it can strait up win a game on its own. It’s extra good here since it’s both a good bond and afterblaze target. And an easy replace in many matchups.

Judicator is awkward, slow and doesent cycle. Aegis is just amazing.


Trinity would be really overkill on draw, you would burn most of it, and scintilla is just the strongest healing source available. When your playing mags sworn you don’t need it.

Circle of life is just slow and awkward, and doesent usually help vs spellhai where the healing is needed the most.

The decks curve is carefully balanced to not need any extra draw power beyond its cycles and it maintains a good size hand throughout the game.


Must’ve pulled an Ender.

or, you know, could still be a witch


Once i got the combo, Afterblaze+Divine Bond, damn that was satisfying. Especially if Azurite Lion still alive. :heart_eyes:

Idk why but i still feels Argeon is better. I was having a little bit problem with Brome (like when you got provoked in front of you or enemy block it, i cant cast BBS).


Brome has a surpsingly high skill cap, I think he is at least as strong as argeon, but much much harder to play effectively. There is a ton of thinking that goes into positioning and using your BBs as well as it being a flexible combo deck that requires a lot of planning, baiting, and careful replaces.

I still screw up with it a lot, and most of my losses are usually do to misplays on my part and less the deck/general.


Thanks for this post. I do not have all the cards but I am playing a budget version of the deck and I love it !
I have been a Bond archetype fan for ages and playing the Brome version is way more exciting than the Argeon one. I love the new BBS.

However, I think Brome is quite hard to play because if your opponent goes behind you then your BBS is useless.


I tried this version (w/judicators because I’m spirit-poor and can’t craft 1 Aegis Barrier, let alone 3), and it’s really good! Granted, I’m in lower silver, but it’s really fun to play and it works pretty well so far.