S-Rank Bond Argeon (8 wins streak in Diamond + top 100 in S-Rank in october)


Hellooooooooooooooo everyone :smiley:
It’s been a very long time since i posted on this forum.
Was here the first day, i’m glad to see all the activity here :smiley:

So i just wanted to share my Lyonar list that got me to S Rank yesterday :

It’s pretty cheap. Seems easy to play but actually pretty hard to master.
The idea is simple : Drop the bond and win (Or Holy immo)

The main difficulty is to know what to replace and when. Tbh it’s not that easy because almost all your cards are important. Microdecisions are key with this list.

The worst matchups are Vanar and magmar. Because y’know, hard removals.
Best matchup is Songhai imo. Their only removal is Onyx Bear Seal but you can use Ironcliffe Heart on Panddo (And create mountains of salt)

It may be a bit slow but i made it to S-Rank with a 8 wins streak (seriously don’t ask me how)

So wear some sunglasses when you drop the Bond :sunglasses:


The deck looks very weird with so many spells that rely on having minions on the board when the deck itself runs a fairly small number of minions. It runs lots of spells in general, triple sunbloom and marty isn’t something you see every day.

But shit man, if it works, it works. Also the fact how it supposedly does so well against songhai makes it even more baffling. You’re either onto something here or you have the craziest luck.


Wouldn’t spelljammer work better than sojourner there? As the opponent would be more reluctant to remove it, it should be easier to ironcliffe it next turn .
I run a pretty similar list, but without the ironcliffe (I am counting on ironcliffe heart) and slo, and with more 2 drops.
But with less success(I am still in diamond).
How do you handle the early game if you don’t draw any lion or adept?
Do you use sun bloom on marginal targets like Pax early on?
What about aegis shield? Wouldn’t it give a good insurance against magmar and vanar?


Never tried Spelljammer, but i might give it a try.
Imo sojourner is better because it has more health and it’s easier to
"control" the draw. I’m afraid of burning some cards with a spelljammer
since i have a lot of 3/4 drops.
EDIT : Forgot one of the most important reasons :
The more cards my opponent draws, the more likely they’ll be to have a
removal/Answer. I want them to waste their cards and to empty their
hands. Giving them draw doesn’t seem to be a good idea at all.

If i’m player 1 and i can’t play anything on my first turn it’s okay.
And i never play Slo on my first turn. He’s y swiss army knife minion.
As player 2 if i can’t drop any minion i can still dispell or remove
something with martyrdom. But with slo/Adept/Knights/Lions i almost
always manage to play something.
And Martyrdom is my early game removal. I use it to remove everything as long as my opponent is almost full hp.

It depends. Situation / Opponent / Board / etc
2 pax for 1 sun bloom ? Worth. Only 1 pax ? Meh.
Sun Bloom is mainly here to dispells provokes/heals (kelaino) to get a lethal ASAP.
They’re my only dispell so i try to keep them as long as possible.
Better use them on Aymara than Pax if you know what i mean.

I have 3 Ironcliffe Guardians + 3 Dioltas + 2 Ironcliffe hearts. They can’t remove everything.
Unless they draw all their removals i juste have to spam my minions until they stick to the board.
And adding a card means removing a card. And i don’t know what i could remove tbh.

Edit : Repost because i forgot to reply. my bad


How often do you actually kill someone with Divine Bond? And how many of those games (where you started the turn with a minion with a lot of health on the field) would’ve been won one or two turns later anyway (because your opponent was out of removal)?

I know you probably don’t have an exact count on this, but could you give a broad approximation?


I almost always kill with divine bond. I always hard replace to have one be cause it synergies with almost everything else. (Lions / Knigts, Sojourners and Adepts with afterblaze / Tombstones / Guardians)

I added a lot of informations and combos here. It think that my long explanation in the comments should answer your questions :slight_smile: :

Better and deeper explanations about the deck so if you’re a stranger reading this post you should give it a look.


How many wins did it take you to reach S? And in which league/at which rank did you start?


I started playing seriously with this deck in the middle of rank 5.
Then it took me ~50 games (around 15/20 defeats) to get to S rank.


What about Solarius?
He comes online much later, but I end up replacing spelljammer a lot early on, as I tend to priorize removing opponents or getting stronger minions out.

How do you use Slo?
as a 1 turn stun or as a holy immolation target?
I still have trouble using him well, and he does not combo with ironcliffe heart.
How do you handle things like Chrisalis burst without mass removal (skorn or Tempest)?


6 mana is too much i have better things to do with that
(Guardian + BBS / 2drop + Holy immo / Afterblaze + Divine Bond / 2drop + Ironcliffe Heart).

+I can use Divine Bond on sojourners
And most of the time i don’t need more draws

I never use it as turn 1 stun.
As a stun when i want to protect something else.
Holy immo / Ironcliffe Heart (it can work) target and to get more mana on certain turns.
Droping an Ironcliffe Guardian on my 2nd turn as P1 is amazing.
It’s my swiss army knife minion so it really depends on the situation.

Uh. Well.


Lions have celerity. Sun bloom / tigers + my general. Martyrdom maybe.
Holy immo when they have a bad position.
I do as much as i can whith what i have. Not really i big problem imo

Also : Here’s what i did playing ONLY this exact same list :sunglasses:

So y’know, deck is working.


Thank you! I tried Slo a bit more, and it saved my life on several occasion as a holy immolation grenade, and it is nice indeed to get a Ironcliffe Guardian out on turn 1 as P2.
I’m trying to make some room for 2 Aegis Barriers, because I really love this card against anything not Lyonar, and I like to load up on cycle cards.
The cards I end up replacing the most are Arclyte, Tigers and Sojourners, but they can be really handy on some occasions.
I have swapped the Tigers out, but not running them makes some cards much harder to handle. Replacing Arclyte might be heretical, but I sometimes feel it is the card that synergizes the least with the other.


I came the the same conclusion

I don’t really need the sojourners but they synergizes pretty well with the spells and sometimes i really need to draw. So they aren’t always usefull but i can’t really take them away.
And i don’t see any other card for the draw power. L’Kian is too random, Spelljammer helps my opponent and Solarius is a 3/3 for 6 mana, meh.

Same for the tigers, i don’t really use them but they are my out of hand damages.
To get the perfect position for a Holy immo, Afterblaze + Divine Bond for 11 damages or simply use my BBS to deal 5 damage. I have a lot of ways to use them
Tbh i think that it’s better to remove the Arclytes than the tigers. Rush minions are VERY strong and without them don’t have any way to kill a fleeing opponent hiding behind his minions.

And i thought about removing the Arclytes but they protected me from so much damages that i can’t really do that. They’re great in early to remove most of the threats and the protection is like a passive heal (+ it puts a ton of pressure on your opponent)

I’m not a big fan of Aegis Barrier but my list is far from perfect so why not ? :smiley:


any good replacements for regalia?


Well nothing really, regalia is just the best artifact in the game, but you can try with any good 4 drop like sunsteel.


Suntide Maiden (Not Sunriser, i’m dumb) / Sunsteel Defender / Primus Shieldmaster / Owlbeast sage

OR DECIMUS :sunglasses: (don’t do that)

Edit : I might try a variation of the deck with another Arclyte Regalia and 2 Dawn’s Eyes
But i don’t think that you should remove the Arclyte Regalias, they’re too good


I know they are, but I don’t have enough spirit for them


What do you think of -1 Sun Bloom +1 Slo ?


Only 2 dispells in the deck ?
Dispells are way too important in this meta.
And a 3rd slo wouldn’t be that usefull imo