S-rank at last!


Just wanted to share that after 10 months of this amazing game, I finally overcame the barrier that is top diamond and reached S-rank with Wall Vanar!
I’d like to thank @FYFY for his deck advices and his amazing Force of Nature deck, which I’ve used on my climb pre-patch, and all the great opponents I’ve faced this season!
Now it’s finally time to craft some Onyx Jaguars for Movehai and play Artifact Vaath without a heavy conscience!
This is what I’ve used from rank 2 to 0: http://manaspring.ru/deckbuilder/vanar/#MTo1MjcsMzoyMDE0NCwzOjUxMCwzOjIwMTQ5LDM6MjAxMzQsMzo1MDUsMzoyMDE0NywzOjUxNywzOjIwMTQ4LDM6MjAxNjUsMzo1MTksMzo1MTUsMjoyMDE0NiwyOjUxNCwyOjIwMjEy


Hey man! Congratulations! We’re kinda in the same spot. Time to memey your way up to the best 50 players without worries!

Nice deck! Looks really solid. Too bad i dont have the cards to try it out myself.

Congratz again! :smiley:


Thanks man! Just saw your post, congrats to you too!


Yo, link me that MoveHai list when you’re done it, been theorycrafting about something like that and wanna see what you come up with!
Gratz on S!


Gz on s rank! Do you mind if i add you ingame to see how the dack plays out?
Also a few questions…do you think that ancient grove is mandatory? I’m not a big fan of that card :confused:
Dont you find yourself topdecking often with only cryo as source of draw? I was planning to use, if not a spelljammer, at least a snow rippler to refill the hand a bit
Isnt aspect of the fox a bit of an overkill on removals, or you use it often on the walls?


Thanks! And yes, you can add me in game whenever you want.
Now, as for the questions: I wasn’t very keen on running Ancient Grove initially, but I was winning so much with the deck that I decided not to change it. Grove turned out to be a very good card in the late game as he adds another layer to the board and locks the opponent down, but there are many suitable substitutes and, despite winning me some games lately, I don’t believe he is needed for the deck.
Aspect of the Fox, on the other hand, is a very important removal and buff, which I run 3 of in almost all my wall decks without regret, but I think running 2 is also fine if you prefer so.
In the card draw department, I’d look for a spot to include 2 spelljammers if I had them, but there aren’t many other neutral draws that I like and the deck worked fine without them, as Cryo and Snow Chaser (as well as my opponents Spelljammers) did that job for me.
Snow Rippler might be good too, considering Glacial and Kara’s BBS, but I didn’t gave much thought on running him before.


hm hm I see, thanks for the answers. Snow rippler at least on paper looks amazing for this kind of deck, as 3 drop it’s not bad stat-wise, also you should be able to use infiltrate often with walls blocking opponent’s path and then 1 is a vespyr so it synergize with glacial elemental and 2 it provides you cheap minions to buff with BBS then synergize with voice of the wind or you can just replace them… But something tells me more often than not the ideal situation doesn’t come up :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, when all the monthly cards are revealed and I decide how to spend my spirit I could finally give this a shot ^^


If it may help, I tried a variation of this one (with Chaos Elemental iirc)

… and it’s pretty funny, but hard to compete on ladder with current meta :confused:


Congrats. My post is too short.


I was playing with kaleos today and suddenly remembered that you’ve asked me to send you my MoveHai. Here it is and sorry for the delay, it totally slipped my mind:


I think you may want to update this deck after today’s patch.

Maybe keep Fox, but I doubt you want to keep Vortex. Replace Vortex with new Spelljammer (nice body now) or Twin Strike ?


Yeah, my timing was awful. I wanted to add a second Zendo too, maybe now’s the time…


Feel free to share your new version when it’s rolling, I’m curious :wink:

(currently testing something similar with Twin Strike but meh, I hate the 2 target condition)