S-Rank Artifact Healyonar 79% Winrate


Hello, all my name is SSJBlade. I have been playing Duelyst for 16 months but I haven’t been very active on the forums. I, however, am planning to change that and I’m starting it with this deck!

I used this deck to climb from Diamond to S-Rank with 27 wins and 7 losses.
Feel free to try it out, ask questions and to give suggestions!


I believe I got wrecked by your deck last week. Damn double regalia…

Anyway, congratulations on the deck. Seems amazing and I would like to try it out, but I’m missing a couple og legendaries


Not a fan of fiz. Might switch it for azure herald if I give this deck a try, but do you find yourself encountering card draw problems. I’ve run a similar list with 2 solarious and it seems like its a bit of a momentum loss if its your only card draw engine since the card is expensive and the body isn’t good. That means it would die to almost anything and I felt kinda behind in developing a stronger board presence.

Maybe you’ve had a different experience though


Not sure how it would fit in with Zirian, but I really like Grove Lion in Artifact decks. If you have Dawns Eye up + Grove lion then it is almost impossible for them to destroy your artifacts. If they dispel him he is still a 5/5 body that is great for trading.

Arclyte+Arclyte+Dawns Eye+Grove Lion= 10 ATK, Ignore 4 Dmg on first hit, Repair artifacts. I haven’t gotten it, but even just having 1 or 2 pieces in the combo is enough to win the game.


Everything except Windblade and Skorn get effected by plasma storm.I understand you really can’t do much about it but bares saying just to see how the thread starter approaches the match up but we can guess who gave him most of those 7 losses


Tbh that sounds sort of far fetched, that whole combo


Arcyte’s bubble and Grove Lion’s bubble break on the same hit, so Grove Lion actually adds nothing to the combo.


@hoboforhire I prefer Fiz over Azure Herald because Fiz can heal minions. It is very important to activate Sunforge Lancer’s ability and Fiz is just more flexible than Azure Herald. Solarius is my preferred card draw engine because it is consistent. Sojourner in my experience can be amazing and give you a lot of cards or just 1. L’kian gives you random cards which I don’t like. While summoning Solarius is indeed a momentum loss the board is usually empty or in my favor when I play Solarius. A lot of the times they do remove him after 1 turn but that’s fine your hand is refueled and you can probably win the game in a few turns.

@kirabi I have actually only lost once to Magmar with this deck and that game was very close. My other losses were: Lilithe, Cassyva, Zirix, Argeon, Reva, and Faie. I try to activate Sunforge Lancer as many times in every match up. Plasma Storm does usually clear my whole board but the opponent doesn’t develop his board when he uses it. The board is usually empty after the plasma storm and my general probably has more attack because of Sunforge Lancer. Dawn’s eye is very good in the Magmar matchup because Magmar has a difficult time removing artifacts.


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