S-Rank #35 Tempo Lyonar Deckguide


Hi guys, CLDW here. So I hit S-Rank #35 for the October season and thought i’d share what list I played to reach that spot. Hope this helps everyone!


Hey man, interesting deck! Looks different, ill try it once i get my third regalia :smile:

Also i read your note comparing duelyst with heartstone, really interesting! :smiley:


Wrecked by this deck :'D
But seriously, how do you go about playing against Spellhai? I’ve become extremely salty :x


As mentioned in the tips, it’s important to stay close to spellhai to prevent them from getting away. Tigers are usually removal in this matchup. Slo + Holy immolation is one of the best ways to take out 4 winds, which is their primary method of winning the game against you. It’s actually a pretty good matchup IMO, since they often don’t have enough spell removal and have trouble racing you without Mask of Shadows and 4 winds.


I think you’re mixing up Bloodrage Mask and Mask of Shadows. Bloodrage Mask is the one that pings when a spell is cast, Mask of Shadows gives the General backstab.


Oops yeah I mean Bloodrage mask.


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