S in 57 wins with Kaleos spellhai


Hello :slight_smile: I just reached s rank in 57 wins (personal best so far) with kaleos spellhai + midrange argeon, but mostly Kaleos. Kaleos Spellhai is my absolute favorite deck so far and I wanted to share my list with the community


Card Choices:

Pretty standard spellhai list, nothing too out of the ordinary.

If you are going first, you won’t be doing a lot on your first turn with this deck. But the sheer quality of the 3 drops enables you to stabilize/take the flow of the game in your favor. Kaleos’ BBS allows you to play very conservatively and provides a lot of leeway with positioning. The trick is not being afraid of running away to develop your powerhouse 3-drop minions in a safe spot.

I haven’t seen a lot of spellhai decks that run Battle Pandos and Ki Beholders, and they are definitely cards that you can switch out for more consistency (e.g. ghost lightning, healing mystics, etc.) The main reason they are included in this deck is because i think they are really cool :smiley: Also the 3 drop variety enables you to switch up your tactics in response to your opponent’s opening.
The one-of Owlbeast Sage is my favorite addition into the typical spellhai build (shoutout to @tundranocaps for the suggetion). One-ofs are generally frowned upon because of consistency reasons, but the sheer amount of card draw/cycle in this deck makes up for it (same goes for the one-of spiral technique). The sage is a great help in many difficult match ups - boosts the health of four winds out of cryogenesis range and acts as bait for hard removals (aspect of the fox, onyx bear seal, etc).

As the only minion for the 5-mana slot, Zen’rui is probably the most iffy choice. If you are feeling like you have a hard time dealing with Kron, Grovekeeper might be a good idea (never had difficulty with Kron with this deck myself though) or maybe even krons of your own because they’re just that good. I just stuck to my guns with zen’rui because i don’t like Kron. Fits the theme of songhai better than the rest as well.

Match-ups and Mulligans

Cassyva, Argeon, and midrange Vaath are your bread and butter.

Cassyva: Look for the aggressive cards (bloodrage mask, inner focus) and the early game minions. Against cassyva, the faster you go, the better. Keeping a zen’rui in your hand is not the worst idea (especailly if you are going second) if you suspect the opponent is running kelaino.

Argeon: Juxtapositions, onyx bear seals, and four winds magi are the VIPs. If you are going first, its not a bad idea to keep a saberspine seal around to deal with silverguard knights straight up. As long as you don’t lose too much tempo in the early game, you got this in the bag. Dance around and kite the lumbering lyonar brutes with your BBS/juxtapositions until they rage quit. The only concern is the occasional random aegis barrier. If that happens on an ironclife its pretty much gg.

Midrange Vaath: Pretty much the same as Argeon. Try to minimize damage you receive from some of the key cards (thumping wave, makantor warbeast). Makantors are especially easy to play around with Kaleos because of his BBS.

Vetruvian: A bit more difficult than the aforementioned match ups. Obelysk vet is one of the most obnoxious decks to deal with simply because songhai doesn’t have a good way to deal with obelysks in general. Ki Beholders are excellent for messing up Pax openings (or any kind of battle pet openings for that matter). Against Sajj, keep a bloodrange mask handy to ping off potential artifacts. Be wary of ankh + BBS/Falcius combos as they can easily pick off your key minions (four winds magi, lantern fox).

Vanar: The most difficult and %^#$@ frustrating match up for this deck. Against Kara, total absolute aggression is key. The best hand is an early bloodrage mask with inner focused minions. Against Faie, try to go for a minion-based board control gameplan with the Owlbeast Sage if possible (not a bad idea to include a second one if you are particularly struggling with this match up). The extra health gained from Owlbeast Sage is crucial against any kind of Faie (walls, aggro, midrange, etc.)

Songhai: Kaleos is pretty much out of favor, but the basic principle stays pretty much the same for both generals. Think about the most annoying things you can do to your opponent as songhai, and try to counter those as much as possible. An enemy spelljammer can be both blessing and curse - if you feel secure about your own card draw options (mana vortex, heaven’s eclipse), kill them. Only leave them alive when you are out of cards and draw options. Against reva, take advantage of her inferior mobility as much as possible. Battle Pando can be a good clear option against all them heartseekers.

Aggro: this deck has a tough time against any kind of aggro in general. Minimize incoming damage as much as possible, try to establish four winds as much as possible, but never forget that you yourself have some insane burst-damage potential if your opponent gets too eager and overextends.

Random thoughts

Mana Vortex: One of the most important cards, if not the most important, of any spellhai deck. I’ve seen a lot of people just throw out a mana vortex to cycle, which is something i really do not agree with. unless the situation is absolutely disgustingly dire, or your hand just sucks overall, its a good idea to keep a mana vortex around to use it in conjunction with other spells/four winds for power plays (four winds + mana vortex + phoenix fire on 5 mana, four winds + mana vortex + BBS on 4 mana to establish a safe four winds against magmar/lyonar/abyssian, surprise spiral technique on 7 mana, spiral + mana vortex + phoenix fire on 9 mana, etc).

Occupying the center tile: You can reach anywhere in the map from the center tile with BBS. Ultimate board dominance.

Thanks for reading and hope you have fun. cheers :smiley:

S rank in 54 wins kaleos spell/arcahai

My more Minion-based Kaleos lists don’t run BRM. An alternative I’d recommend trying is switching out the Battle Panddos and one Heaven’s Eclipse for 3 Spelljammers, which gives more overall draw.

I am curious about lack of Kataras and Killing Edges. My feelings about Saberspine Seal often revolve around how many Lyonars are around, as it’s a clean answer to Silverguard Knight. But without many Lyonars, they’d probably be what I trade off for the Killing Edges, with the BTAs for Kataras.

Nice list which reminds me of the first deck I hit S with (Kaleos Spellhai Midrange hybrid), glad to hear you’ve found success with it :slight_smile: I still want to find the time to make a proper Kaleos hybrid list again, and hopefully not feel Reva’s just better. Though they usually play a bit differently.


i like aberspines seals than killing edges more in kaleos because its easier to use in the same turn as heaven’s eclipse and i have less targets to get value out of killing edges, but yes, i definitely should try out spelljammers.

i feel like kaleos vs reva is a 45:55 in favor of reva, but meh, i like kaleos better. way more fun :stuck_out_tongue: