Ryviting streams, free entry


Hey ya’ll, for whatever reason I forgot to post my stream in here haha, so figured I’d rectify that now.

Do lots of ranked streaming and stuff :slight_smile:


I am also live right now!


Stream is all wrapped up. Thanks to everyone that hung out :slight_smile:


Had to work. :tired_face:


We are live again! Twitch Affiliate party stream with lots of drafting :slight_smile: Feel free to come swing by.


Thanks to everyone that stopped by :slight_smile: Had a solid 12-0 gauntlet run


Must be a lucky thing announcing your stream on here, you seem to get 12 wins every time.


Soooo I’ve actually been streaming for about 5 hours so far, across two tourneys, but there is a tourney still to go :slight_smile: Sorry I forgot! Feel free to come hang.


I REMEMBERED THIS TIME!!! come hang out :slight_smile: Gonna be doing ladder grind, maybe some MTG Arena later, and happy to do deck reviews and stuff.


Ya bois back at it again! Come hang out as we find out if Wanderer Reva lives up to the hype, some unlimited deck testing for the big tournament and all around learning+try harding.


One moment you were o’ N line the next you were of F line


Yea sorry MMF, it was a 3 hour stream. :frowning: Theirs always the vod to check out if you’re interested! :slight_smile:


Back at it again! Come by for some sweet ladder grind and deck review if people are interested :slight_smile:


Back at it again with top ten ladder play, educational tidbits and a 15 orb giveaway at the end of the stream :slight_smile:

Edit: All wrapped up, thanks for everyone that chilled out!


Streaming some Dooly and chill. Feel free to hang and chill :100:


Ladder, Gauntlet, Deck Reviews, and chill times. Feel free to come hang out :slight_smile:
We live now!


Playing some Carrion Collector hopefully into S-1! Maybe some draft as well and deck review. Come drop by.


We live again! Top 10 s-rank play, focusing on aggro decks tonight. Maybe some other ccg action later on in the night as well if Duelyst tilts me off the face of the earth :slight_smile:


Carrion me (carrion me)
Carrion me (carrion me)
I’ll be on
In a day or two!


Apologies for no streams, been incredibly busy with other project, but we are back!
Educational stream, with deck building, play and discussion :slight_smile: