Ryviraths Role Swap


Perhaps now Ryvirath will give us a card of himself… we can only hope :wink:

Enjoy your new position! Always glad to see Thanatos around.


Convince the team to make your card

8 mana 6/7 Developer
Opening Gambit : Summon a 5/4 Spice Wolf with Rush nearby.

hidden stat : Roam meme thread

And a counter to it
0mana fruit
Take control of a enemy Ryvirath.





Well, I hope you can make all of our dreams come true, I’ll miss you.


I’m still a little sour about when you called me and everyone else here a dork. Here’s to hoping ThanatosNoa will be kinder to us. :pensive:

Just kidding, Ryvirath. I’m glad to see you’re moving up and onward. It’s been a pleasure having you around and I’m going to hold you to your promise that you’ll return from time to time.


There are still people working and improving the wiki day by day :slight_smile:

Could always use some help though! Especially with the new expansion.


I feel ya, man…it’s a lot to unpack and organize. :sweat_smile:


Nuumuu y wold u do diss to meh I mean yay!


I always loved your post’s on the forums, always had funny flare to them. Even when i took a break from duelyst I would still come back to the meme thread to watch the meme community grovel in your presence. In regards to your new job, I suggest announcing that you folks in the balance department are gonna revert kron and spelljammer nerfs for april fools and watch the community lose there mind :smile: best of wishes on your new job!


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