Ryviraths Role Swap


Hey Guys, Ryvirath here o/
So today I just wanted to let you guys know about my current situation going forward.

Im sure you guys have noticed Thanatos becoming more active on the forums and myself less so, and thats definitely been intentional.
Thanatos is taking care of all of the community side of things now, I will still be here and I still plan to participate and be active, but not in the same capacity as before.

As for me, I have switched over to the Balance and Development side of things, so all the sweet new cards you guys are and will be playing with in the future are what I am taking care of now :smiley:
So that’s really about it! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up as I know some people have been asking. If anyone has any questions feel free, otherwise I’ll catch you guys on the discord or on here :ok_hand:

#BringBackAlplod & An Appeal to CPG

You know, one of the things that really put my mind at ease and made me very happy was how you said you read all posts on the forum every day.

I really hope Thanatos will do the same.

I’ll miss you and good luck!


So thát’s why this forum has been going down the drain lately.

We’ll miss you Ry, good luck in your new function.


Good luck in the balance depth but all in all This is great news GREAT… when you get to the balance team could you for me shake the hand of the main guy who made sol piercer and tell him he did a FINE JOB shake it nice and hard thank you


You better make sure @ThanatosNoa reads every forum post :triumph:


make sirpenti great again ryv


serpenti buff incoming


You have always been really fair here on the forums, and you are very forthcoming when able. I think you will do very well in your new role, and having the freedom to put more focus there will surely improve things for all of us. Cheers!

P.S. Are you still helping with the wiki?


Cool! Give us a heads up on what’ll be nerfed soon k? :wink: :ok_hand:


We will miss you as a community manager, but you really look like a nice guy who is enthusiastic about Duelyst, so I’m very happy you will join the balance team to ensure the quality of the game


Stop by the meme thread every now and then, okay? Promise? :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t disappoint us on the balance team! I know you will make the right decisions, and I hope you stop by some times at the forums!

Also quick question: are you still my ‘boss’ as a forum dev, or is @ThanatosNoa my new boss?


Good luck Ryv, we will definitely miss you in the forum. Hope you enjoy your time in your new position!

On the other hand, Thanatos has to take the Meme thread now… I feel bad for him.


While your on the balance team, please do me a favour and give Sajj a few goodies please … playing with her always makes me sad because she is so bad :confused:


Do something about Lavaslasher. A direct upgrade is never a good thing in this kind of game.


ಠ_ಠ Always watching

So I do want to mention that during our time working together - Ryvirath and I do have different ideologies on how to talk to you guys, but don’t be afraid - I plan to be as observant here as I am on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, etc

I may not be as vocal on here (without my buddy Ryv at my side I have alot more on my plate) but as you’e already seen, I’m poking in where I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Outside of that nothing major is changing here - outside of having to deal with my bad puns instead of Ryviraths (and he’s still very welcome to talk on here as he pleases!)

So yes @Aeruniel, @gabriek - I’ll be reading everything you guys post!
And @akurane you technically report to me now :smiling_imp:


Yay happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Then you should have noticed the Firestorm Mantra bug, that’s cool.


Goodbye Ryv, we will all miss you for sure.

Please try to keep the game balanced while your at the balance team.


Maybe he finally got tired of our non-memes and decided to make mems with the design team insted


I could never get tired of the memes. Thanks everyone for all the kind words! :smiley: