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Ryan's Stupidest Decks: Warmasters, UNITE!


Arrow Whistler


Golden Justicar




Has anybody tried the Skywing + Nosh-Rak combo? Because if I recall correctly I watched a battle when someone tried to pull it off, but Nosh-Rak still cost 7 mana even with Skywing out. I would test this myself but I don’t have Nosh-Rak yet. Can anyone with the Grandmaster confirm if I am mistaken?

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Were you a spectator? I don’t think discounted mana costs show up for them.

Yes I was a spectator, but I could see that Wind Shrike costed only 3 mana while Nosh-Rak still costed 7.

Tried it in a flying Sajj deck. It does work. I once had a young flamewing, wings of paradise and skywing tucked away in a corner which is 26 points of damage on the turn Nosh drops for 6 mana. Fun Times


Thanks for confirming it works. I was probably just tired :sweat_smile:. At least that means the winged Vetruvian deck I’m planning to make will work when I get the Grandmaster.

With a title like “Warmasters, unite!”, one would expect all of the warmasters in one deck. Consider me disappointed!

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You weren’t the only one my body was ready for some new war master cheese but sadly. I was always surprised the unseven undying Abyss deck wasnt more popular. Seems like a fairly good deck.

I’ve tried to make it work, but my favorite card in the deck is Consuming Rebirth, which just doesn’t work with Unseven or Reaper of the 9. You can still make a decent deck though, if you can pull off Consuming Rebirth + Dioltas you’re going to have a very good game. Too inconsistent currently, but I’ll be working on it more when more Dying Wish cards are released, preferably those that don’t require the space below them.

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