Ryan's Stupidest Decks: VESPYRS!


Hey guys, its RyanH here again, with my low effort high yield decks again. I literally just typed in “Vespyr” in the deckbuilder, clicked the ones I thought were nice and then cried myself to sleep the following day.

Let’s go!


Aight basically, Vespyrs. Why the hell not, they’ve been overlooked as a tribe and generally weak, but these cuddly things are my favorite collection of Vanar dudes (what’s their theme anyways?).

SNOW CHASER is the best card in the game. Period.

Borean Bear is cos you’re spamming enough Vespyrs to rival the rate of ad emails sent to you about how to enlarge your gentleman’s area.

Vespyric Call is because Vespyrs are good but stat buffs are better.

BONECHILL BARRIER to confuse the heck out of your opponent, lock them in and combo with Glacial Elemental

Chromatic Cold is your only dispel use it well yada yada yada

Frigid Corona helps us cycle and stun, which is great for stopping enemies from crossing the border.

Crystal Cloaker is our bread and butter.

Avalanche because no one expects it.

Glacial Elemental: read Borean Bear.

Snow Rippler is good. Use it.

Wailing Overdrive for your minions.

Voice of the Wind because you spam Vespyrs.


I think you made an error in your title. What you were looking for was, “VESPYRS! An In-Depth Guide”


I think that the title you were looking for was “Arctic Mistral: A Vanar Midranged Deck”

I would make a few adjustments to it, though. Firstly, I would replace the Snow Ripplers with Frostblade Dryads. The dryad grants flying and a stat boost to Vespyrs and is a Vespyr herself. Since the deck is packed with the darn things, Dryad would trigger quite often. Secondly, I would fit Frostiva somewhere in there. No one ever expects this card and if it has a home anywhere, it would be in a dedicated Vespyr deck. Lastly, this is just personal preference, but I would run more removal. Maybe Enfeeble, just to get some wall and Snowman synergy.

Also, never underestimate the power of Vespyrs. I made it to diamond day 2 with a deck where all minions, except carddraw and Hearth sisters, had something to do with Vespyrs.


I love Frostiva, but I feel like most of the time it just doesn’t carry its own weight. I got 2 copies when the expansion first dropped and I always run 2 whenever I make a new deck. After early testing I pretty much always end up taking it out.


Ryan, I love you and your decks. They’re so stupid that they cause your opponent to have a stroke, meaning you win.


I run a similar list, but it also has two of the 3-drop walls and a frostiva. My special flavour is running two coldbiters. Frostiva is a nice long-term unit, the 3-drop walls are kinda bad, but my plan is to stay out of harm’s way on the opposing side. It fits right in. The 3-drop walls are also nice to open with, as you can cut off a large area of the board and extend to drop a snow chaser on turn one if you are going second.

Why Coldbiter? Because it prevents people from trying to surround the general, and because I needed some punishment for abyssian.

Also, I run one copy of that ice drake spell, aspect of drake. I do it because 1. the ice drake looks really sweet in the game, and more importantly 2. this allows all kinds of sudden lethal plays after you procced your voice of winds a couple of times at the other side of the board.

Finally, I run 2x the neutral sister because this deck tends to run out of gas, and I do not have the spelljammer anymore. Plus, the neutral sister gives me higher odds of getting a fourth snow chaser.


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