Ryan's Stupidest Decks: GOLEM ARGEON


Things you need to know:

Golem Vanquisher is a cool sprite.

Golems are good with Divine Bond and Prism Barrier.

That is all.


Magnetize baby, nothing says screw your Repulsor, Jux, Daemonic, or whatever other cowardly stall tactics like pulling out your Mighty Lyonar Fridge Magnet and zapping your bad boys back into the fray for perfect DB lethal.

Also, Diamond Golem’s sprite is infinitely cooler than Golem Vanquisher



Needs more Brightmoss Golem. Playing Brightmoss turn two as player one is backbreaking. If you have them switch Prism Barrier with Aegis Barrier. Spell immunity is better than forcefield since golems have so much health that they rarely die in combat.


So many new cards that i never knew existed, what expansion are these “golems” from?


Diamond Golem, Golem Metallurgist, and Golem Vanquisher are a common, rare, and legendary (respectively) from the core set. All other golems are basic cards and all accounts have a play set of them.


I had one deck w the same idea :slight_smile: Golem works even better w Lionar than w vanar’s Polarity. I’d suggest get rid of Dragonbone ones, only include 1 Stormmetal, add 3x Brightmoss and of course 3x DB, cuz that’s your wincon


Thank god its Ryan. Many times these decks work because no one is expecting them and everyone is like “WTF is he doing ?” Please post more stupid decks :grin: :grin: :grin:


Thanks for the kind words! And trust me, I know what I’m doing 60% of the time, 100% of the time.


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