Ryan's Stupidest Decks: ASTRAL CRUSADER / DECIMUS!


Greetings Battle Brothers. It is I, RyanH, back with another divine deck.

For many eons, I have been unable to exterminate the heretics, as I lacked a divine tool. However, not all was lost, for Astral Crusader came to my aid! Still, he proved lacking for my crusade. Then, a second round of reinforcements came in the form of the Rise of the Bloodborn. Now, all shall bow before our astral crusade!

Are you with us, or against us?


Gaze upon the majesty of this deck:

How to be a number one Crusader

Are you, uh, a real crusader?

Well, uh, technically, nah.

Have you ever caught a heretic, like, uh a real heathen?


Have you ever executed a dissenter?

Nah, nah.

Alright! I can see that I will have to teach you how to be crusaders!

Divine Cards \ [T] /

Bloodtear Alchemist uses magic to execute heathens, no matter how big or small.

Aethermaster communes with the Astral Realm, and lets you hunt for the Astral Crusader.

Razor Skin is to bolster your men and to bring on a small reinforcement.

Entropic Gaze uses their own heretical magic against them, burning them while also letting you hunt for Astral Crusader.

Young Silithar is your best man. Don’t ever lose him.

Wings of Paradise is an Aethermaster’s best pet. Take to the skies!

Tectonic Plates break the battlefield, but through the chasm, if you’re devout, you can spot the Astral Crusader.

Decimus punishes heretical magic! Drawing cards? That’s heresy!

Elucidator lets them see clearly for who they really are: dogs!

Spelljammer for communing with the Astral gods.

Makantor Warbeast is your noble steed. Use it wel!

Fractal Replication: make one man seem like a hundred.

ASTRAL CRUSADER, should you spot him, if he is not ready (and not 13+/12+), call for him later.

Mandrake is here as your loyal warrior.

Crushing the enemy

Decimus and card draw has obvious synergy.

Beat them to death with Wings of Paradise and Aethermaster.

Come late game, you now have a 20/19 Astral Crusader. You win.


I need some fun deck ideas. I don't care if they aren't the best. I just want them to be fun
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes
Jojo and the astral crusaders

This is beautyfull.
edit: idk why my spelling is so bad rn lol


Your spelling is bad because you haven’t embraced the Astral Crusade.


I enjoy the fact that you edit to comment about your terrible spelling but don’t actually correct the error. xD


Why haven’t you taken Kron to the holy crusade, he is the backbone of ANY good crusade!


I would replace Bloodtear with Zyx and Mandrake with Kron, so there would be a proper army for the Great Crusader to lead


Crusade AND inquisition!


And add white widows instead of Elucidators so you can have the whole Astral Order represented.


flashbacks to my ReplaceTruvian deck wrecking Lyonar because poor Tempo Argeon couldn’t keep a board together or get an Arclyte to stick.


But, if you take out the Bloodtears, who will wield the holy magic that helps your General to deal with pesky 2 and 3 drops?


Fine, you can keep your bloodtears :stuck_out_tongue:. But Old Man Kron is a must


This deck looks glorious. It makes me glad to finally see a wonderful use for the awesome pixel art of astral crusader.




Kron’s prisioners are not heathens! They fight to prove their piousness and earn official pardon for their former misdeeds.


The title delivers.

Even with this much draw and replace, it’s still rare to draw the same Astral Crusader for the 2nd time. You have to draw the same Astral Crusader for the 3rd time before he’s not strictly worse than Stormmetal Golem. =S


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