Hey guys, RyanH here with not one, but two Deck Labs! One for Zirix, one for Sajj.

Let’s get going.



So, in the Denizens of Shim’zar, besides getting Falcius and Pax, turns out they also got another minion too: Pantheran, a 6 mana 6/6 that costs 0 if all 3 Scion’s Wishes are casted this game. However, it wasn’t really played all that much, because it was kinda situational and Dervishes weren’t that good anyways. Still, I think I can make Pantheran work.


Dervish + First Wish + Second Wish + Third Wish -> Pantheran. A better combo is dropping Pax turn 1, somehow having First, Second and Third Wish in your hand, play them all on curve, then dropping Pantheran right after. A man can dream.

Obelysks + Whispers of the Sands + Dunecaster + Various Wishes. Dispels can’t hurt me now!

Whispers of the Sands + Nosh-Rak. A mini budget Star’s Fury + extreme OTK possibility.

Sand Howler + Various Wishes. Undispellable monster of fury.


Lyonar: 1-1

Songhai: N/A

Magmar: 0-1

Abyssian: 2-1

Vetruvian: 1-0

Vanar: 1-2



Ever since Alpha, Oserix has always been a card. However, it was largely forgotten because of how slow the game was, and the range of dispels. Now that these two aren’t that much of an issue anymore, it’s time for Oserix to take the stage again, with his new buddies: Falcius and Artifact Hunter!


Let’s open up with some maths:

Artifact Hunter x2 pulls 2 Artifacts. Oserix x2 pulls another 4. You only run 6 Aritfacts in this deck. Maths.

Blindscorch + Anything: Easy removal for big targets with even bigger attack values.

Artifacts (deck or Grincher) + Aurora’s Tears: Annihilate everything and anything.

Time Maelstrom + Autarch’s Gifts: A bit expensive, but can clear the board or create lethal.

Autarch’s Gifts + Aurora’s Tears: A truly magical combo. Deal tons of damage or blow up minions.

Crytographer doesn’t let you stack your BBS, but it does let you get it online by T2, which can completely turn the tide of the game.

Zephyr + BBS + Falcius: Clear the area around you.


Lyonar: 1-1

Songhai: 0-1

Magmar: 2-3

Abyssian: 1-0

Vetruvian: N/A

Vanar: N/A

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them below!

Remember, GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.



Why Crypto instead of, lets say, Maw? Maw requires 0 extra mana for its effects, still helps you deal with 4 or 6 health minions and also helps clearing swarmy openings or trading with minions.


I like Osirix but his ability should work like autruch (sp). I once had him give me of my blast from my deck, so stupid.


I think Oserix works better if you have only two ir three artifacts, so it works as a tutor and you get instant blast+hexblade when he dies. But even then, Hunter is more useful


I just felt like pointing out that Sand howler can be dispelled, he just can’t be targeted by enemy spells except Chromatic cold and such.


Ankh is such a powerful Artifact having one in your deck limits you a lot.

Indirect spells can target spell immune minions I think.


And in some twist of irony he’s affected by every single dispel in the game except Siphon Energy.


Wait, really? That is horrible card design. It’s function literally is the opposite of it’s flavor text.


Literally every dispel in the game except Siphon doesn’t target(They are either AOE or target the space), so it goes through Sand Howler’s protection. There’s a big reason why no one every bothers to use this card (Also it just sucks in general, you need to get a buff on it otherwise it’s just an understatted three drop which makes it bad three mana card and fairly clunky.)


Oh. They should really just change it to “this card is undispellable.”


The ability isn’t there to prevent dispel, it’s to prevent things like Phoenix Fire, Dark Transformation, Onyx Bear Seal, Whip, Entropic Decay, and many many more. Dispelling is the counter to the ability, not the reason why the ability is there.




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