Hey guys, RyanH here, and I’m back with another one of my deck concepts/experiments. I used to call this series “Ryan’s Stupidest Decks”, but I soon realised that some of these are actually (relatively) viable. So from now on:

Ryan’s Stupidest Decks will denote decks that haven’t been field tested.

Ryan’s Deck Labs will indicate that these decks have been field tested.

Let’s get started.


Now, before we begin we must understand the following cards:

Nether Summoning, a card created for Abyssian Ramp / Dying Wish. That archetype was wildly successful because Darkfire Sacrifice reduced a minion’s mana cost by three instead of two, and yet this card still wasn’t played.

Unseven, one of the coolest sprites in the game (created by Duelyst’s artist himself!), and with a very interesting effect. Sadly, it wasn’t played because Dispels were so commonplace you were better off playing Golems.

Two tragically overlooked cards now lie before us. But so what? Well…

…I believe I can make them work.



This is a bit trickier, so let’s start directly with synergies.


  1. Nether Summoning + All of our minions. As you may have noticed, our minions have an ongoing effect or Dying Wish as opposed to Opening Gambits (except Shroud). This is to maximise the value from Nether Summoning.

  2. Unseven + Reaper of the Nine Moons / Vorpal Reaver. Unseven here will be pulling these beauties out of our hand and directly into the board, saving us 5 or 6 mana, which is a huge boon. Not to mention, the body of Unseven can be used to either eliminate minions, used for Darkfire Sacrifice, and as a target for Ritual Banishing. It’s really best that you let the opponent kill your Unseven on their turn, so your minion effectively has Rush.

  3. Nether Summoning + Flying Minions. Since Nether Summoning recreates minions AROUND you, this may becoming a problem. Fortunately, since we have Wings of Paradise as well as Reaper of the Nine Moons, positioning is no longer an issue.

  4. Wraithling Swarm + Darkfire Sacrifice / Ritual Banishing. You know what to do here.


  1. Shadow Sister Kelaino.

  2. Daemonic Lure.

  3. Spelljammer. This is used over Rite as the minion gives us much more draw over time.

  4. Spectral Revenant. You need to get to the late-game, use this to control. You can maybe use Nether Summoning to shoot this bad boy out again.

  5. Ooz is the best 2 drop for us, as it is not an Opening Gambit, has a splendid body and beyond-amazing effect.

The rest should be self-explanatory.

Be sure to check out the rest here!

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below!

GL, and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.



This looks broken, and horrible to play against. I’ll try it when I can.


Why Jaxi? Doesn’t it have anti-synergy with Unseven?


Better than nothing until you can draw a Rot9 or Vorpal


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