Hey guys, RyanH here back again. After a short hiatus of one day, I’m proud to say I’m back with a cool new deck concept (and field tested). Let’s get going.


As mentioned in a previous thread, Unseven looks really damn cool. However, this card is underused because let’s face it, its really mediocre. Which brings us to another underused and mediocre general: Sajj. Sadly, she just isn’t good enough at the moment to be competitively viable as say, Argeon. However, Vetruvian does have a lot of Dying Wish minions, so…

…I think I can make them work.



Let’s start with our cores, then what I built around them:

To support our man here, I’ve added:

-Jaxi, for good 2 drop and value
-Allomancer, simply because Dying Wish.
-Dioltas, more Dying Wish.
-Wind Shrike for card draw.
-Aymara Healer, staple and Dying Wish.
-Corpse Combustion.

To help synergise, I added:

-Falcius, staple anyways.
-Shroud, since Vetruvian lacks dispel.
-Healing Mystic, since your deck aims for a mid-late game.
-First and Second Wish for card draw and more buffs, respectively.
-Autarch’s Gifts, because we have Falcius and Sajj’s BBS.

-Puppy Shirodragon to amp the attack
-Corpse Combustion to totally flip the world upside down.

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below!

Remember, GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.



Thoughts on adding corpse combustion or keeper of the vale?


Why mystic instead of herald, and most of all WHY PAX!?

You run few buffs, lack dervish synergy, your midgame minions seem to focus more on value than tempo, and it has anti-synergy with Unseven. All this could make sense with proper justification, but “staple 2 drop anyways” is not an explanation.



I would say that Pax is so strong (read: borderline broken) that you want to include it in all your Vet decks anyway :slight_smile:


Reminds me of an old deck from @F8D where he was also playing Oserix + Coprse Comb.

Maybe a mix could be even more fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really. The dervishes only activate two turns after you drop Pax, are quite frail and actually provide minimal threat without buffs. And pax is a battle pet, which means he is bad at taking mana tiles (you must pray for the dervishes to spawn just in the right place) or trading with the right minions. On a Zirix deck he is stronger, specially a dervish or swarm one, but as sajj you may want more healing, or a more reliable ramping 2 drop, or a trade enabler like primus or maw, or even a provoke like rock pulverizer, if yoyr deck isn’t built with early tempo in mind or runs buffs.

Pax is a good early tempo play with decent early value, but lacks flexibility and longevity, things slower decks want from their 2 drops.


I’d say Keeper of the Vale would be fun here, but the fact that BTA, Shroud and Mystic dilute the pool so much it isn’t worth it.

Corpse Combustion is a fun idea but I don’t think it’ll work out due to how situational it is.

@eternamemoria who said i need dervish synergy? This is Sajj!

Anyways, Pax is just a good 2 Drop because you get 2/1 and two 2/2s for two mana, as well as it being a Dying Wish minion. This just helps you trade early game, but late game it isn’t as useful.

I’d probably experiment with Herald and Mystic more, but so far both seems to be working.

@nwardezir would love to run Oserix if I can find room for Artifacts :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve messed around with unseven before I had mixed reviews on it. It does feel great when ur opponent kills a unseven and spawns that Osirix then Concedes. Pax is great as a 2 drop because it leaves behind something or takes a dispell. And in unseven decks the more dispell not going g to unseven the better. Heres my deck list

Rae is in there for ramp and to take resource… You. Can turn a 3 mana turn into 4 playing your unseven early. Rae also can threaten any minion coming out with abilities. I have iron clad cause dispel on a 5 damage minion is great. Nosh rak is our finisher but should be replace early and mid game. Keep Osirix in hand for unseven. Gifts is just there to round out more Artifact damage. Card draw was a problem for me before Rbb but now I have a good amount in would say. Unseven decks are very versatile imo.


UPDATE: This is the newest deck.

It has Corpse Combution now.




Ask and you shall recieve.


Why not Pax instead of Jaxi? The main reason to not play Pax here is because it dillutes the unseven pool, but if you put Corpse value above Unseven value/ramp, you can run Pax and watch the bodies multiply


I just call it “Terminal Value” :stuck_out_tongue:

The operative idea is to make lots of strong trades and Combustion for CA. The Oserix-based Combustion decks go all-in on getting a good combination of artifacts for the super-unit general, but that gets punished far too hard by SMorcing for my liking. Here, the harder the opponent accelerates, the more you punish them by making favorable trades. The only value of your own units is to trade into your opponent’s, and the reanimator spell just makes struggling against it all the more aggravating. For the most part, you just develop and see if your opponent deals with it, and then you develop some more- and look for cheeky ways to break/reverse their tempo until they’re forced to kill you because of your sheer material advantage. You mosly just want to bait the hook and fish for answers before deploying something as commital as Unseven or Aymara Healer.


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