Ryan's Deck Labs: UNDYING SAJJ! (S-Rank Version)



Alright friends, lemme explain why this deserves a whole new post in and of itself:

  1. It works. Really well. Rocking a 76% winrate atm.

  2. I’ve made some massive changes.

Side note: For some reason, my Unsevens are never dispelled. Always killed on their turn. Maybe they aren’t expecting anything strong, but when my Unseven pulls an Aymara on turn 3, it feels good.

And yes, as the title suggests. It works in S-rank.


To start, we have to look at three cards:


Now you might be wondering: hey, that isn’t Unseven! You’d be right. That would be the recolor from Glauber Kotaki, aka Unseven, himself. And in my humble opinion, looks way better than the original. The sprite sheet will be at the bottom.


Unseven is a 4 mana 2/4 Warmaster, which has Dying Wish: “Summon a random minion with Dying Wish from your Action Bar”. Now although I would have preferred a 4/2 or 4/3, such is life. Our whole deck is going to be built around him, with lots of Dying Wish, so get ready to see him a lot.

Corpse Combustion

This little spell came from the Denizens of Shim’zar set, as a way to help Vetruvian Dying Wish decks (which as you may know, do not actually exist). However, picture this: Your Unseven is killed by the enemy, summoning an Aymara Healer. Unfortunately, the Healer is dealt with, the proc is triggered, but there goes your board.

And then you press the button that says “Restore Board”, aka Corpse Combustion, and you get another Unseven on board AND your Aymara Healer back. And even though its in “random tiles”, if you’re positioned somewhere around the middle of the board, this won’t hurt you too much.

Look. It’s a 5 mana resurrect your Aymara Healer. What more could you want?


Now already, I can hear you say: But Ryan! You don’t run any artifacts in this deck? What the hell is Oserix doing here?!



Your 4 Mana dude just produced a 8/6 Flying minion, 2-3 turns before its supposed to show up. Add on stuff like Second Wish, and you now have a flying god of death. And yes, our deck doesn’t run any artifacts, but so what?! It’s a good minion, and even better with Unseven.

The main issue with this card was that it was far too slow to be played, especially on 7 mana. But you have Unseven! You ramp this thing out ASAP, and you watch this glorious deity rip a new hole in your opponent.

And if you’re still doubting me?

Just have faith.



Since I love this deck so much I will go through every single damn card.


Bloodtear Alchemist: Overall a utility pick, and can be used to ping off that tiny bit of health you’re missing or that annoying Heartseeker over yonder.

Ephemeral Shroud: As we all know, since Siphon got nerfed, this trusty little fella will have to be our only source of Dispel. Lightbender isn’t used here to avoid collateral damage.

Healing Mystic: What I like about this over Azure Herald is its flexibility. Not only is the attack stat better, but you can either heal yourself or your minions to ensure you’re still in the game.

Primus Fist: The Opening Gambit isn’t really wasted if you play this thing turn 1, so that’s an obvious plus, and it’s OG is relevant any time in the game (except topdeck wars).

Falcius: An obvious faction staple, doubly so with Sajj. Use it to clear minions for free.

Dioltas: Our first Dying Wish minion. As we all know, Dioltas is pretty good already, with high attack, decent health and a stellar Dying Wish to boot. A good pull out of Unseven as well.

Spelljammer: Believe it or not, this deck runs out of cards pretty quickly, so use Spelljammer to remedy that.

Unseven: Our main core of this deck. Play it, watch the enemy read the ability text, be confused and/or relieved, kill it, and pull your Aymara Healer / Dioltas / Wind Shrike / Oserix. However! Do not be obsessed with Unseven. This is not a combo deck. If the time comes where you have to play Dying Wish minions manually, do it before its too late.

Wind Shrike: The Flying here and cycle is the main reason this thing is in our deck. Firstly, its flying gives you reach, which we all know Vetruvian lacks (and even moreso in this deck). Second of all, since it cycles, it also helps the card draw issue this deck has.

Dancing Blades: Another issue this deck has is out of hand damage, which we lack. Use Dancing Blades to either proc Dying Wishes in desperate times, or just removing another minion quickly.

Aymara Healer: Arguably the best Dying Wish minion in this game. Great pull out of Unseven, and a splendid card regardless.

Oserix: This and Unseven were practically made for each other. 8/6 Flying is already great, but sadly the Dying Wish part isn’t used. Oh well! Still a great minion for the mid-game with Unseven, and even better in top-deck wars.


Scion’s First Wish: Interestingly only a 2-of, since we really are out of room, but you know how to use this thing.

Rasha’s Curse: A swiss army knife; use it to secure lethal, deal out of hand damage (against Generals who don’t use artifacts), or clear artifacts like White Asp, Crescent Spear, Arclyte Regalia, etc.

Scion’s Second Wish: Enemy ignoring your Unseven or Oserix? No problem. Slap Second Wish on and watch them panic.

Corpse Combustion: The butter to our bread. As mentioned above: resurrect an Unseven, Aymara, whatever, its still value either way. Sure, you might get them in remote spots, but things like Wind Shrike and Oserix have Flying, negating this issue.

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them below!

Finally, GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.


Sprite Sheet for recolored Unseven:


Alright, I really wanna give this a try but don’t have any unsevens. Which means I now have something to spend my spirit on.

How would I add the recolor?


Go to:

Your Drive -> Users -> (Your User) -> .counterplay -> duelyst -> (version) -> resources -> app -> src -> resources -> units

From there, just search for “Unseven”. Rename the downloaded sprite sheet “neutral_unseven”, copy and replace. If you want, back up the origin Unseven sprite somewhere safe.


i like your new prof pic

@RyanH it’s such a shame that oserix dying wish isn’t used, any way to utilize it? i mean sajj and artifacts are made for eachother :frowning:


Not in this deck, no. There simply isn’t room. However, Oserix by itself is as mentioned above too slow, can be dispelled, and if you want artifacts just play Autarch’s Gifts.


I note you have 76% win-rate, but not 76% win-rate in S, where you note the list “Works”.

You also call on us to “have faith”.

I’d like some proof, please. I’d love to find out this sort of list actually works in S, but words are cheap, and more words don’t make them any more reliable. Please provide some proof for the list working in S. And what the win-rate in S is, and what the sample size is.


such a demanding customer lul XD


I like the concept of this deck, good job RyanH :smile:. I will definitely try this one once I get the cards for it. Oserix and Corpse Combustion were always cards I wanted to see used, and I’m glad to see them together.


You really shouldn’t craft those cards. Not only does this deck only have a winrate that high in silver and below, but the only reason he says “S rank viable” is because technically, if you make S rank with another deck, you can play any 39 card pile and call it “S rank viable.” Don’t be fooled by people who refuse to give evidence of their rank/winrates.


Hmm, Ryan is a well known S Rank player dude. He doesn’t need to prove he’s S.
And S Rank viable means it works in S, no more, no less. The fuck do you want more.



The both of you should by now be aware that Ryan is an S tier player. In addition, he also makes these decks for memes and fun. If you want a “viable” ranking deck, go netdeck somewhere else.

Tbh the 2 of you at the very least owe him an apology for your attitudes, which quite frankly, were uncalled for.


Not to be rude, but please be civil in these threads. If there is a question regarding the feasibility of the list in s rank, than ask. May I also remind all that it is against policy to provide ad hominen attacks on others. Remember; criticize ideas, not people.



Ryan is not a top S-player as far as anybody knows. His IGN is not publicly known. And that is fine, if he just made fun decks and didn’t claim them to be S-rank viable and give specific information like them having 76% winrate. It might give new players who want to be competitive the idea that they should craft unplayable cards like unseven, and it really sucks for them when they find out how bad of an idea that was. While I approve of the effort, I do not approve of the claims without evidence that appear to be complete nonsense.


I would assume he, like most people, wouldn’t make a claim without meaning it. Being S-rank viable can most likely imply this was tested at S-rank. He provided the statistic which is evidence. 76% implies, at minimum, 19 out of 25 games won. This is a substantial number of games. Now if you choose not to believe what’s provided, that’s upon you as the reader.

Non-meta doesn’t necessarily equate to non-competitive. I can agree that buyer’s remorse can happen when buying very conditional archetype or niche cards, but if (as you say) a player wants to be competitive, and this has been tested, it’s proven itself.

You ask for evidence, he provided a statistic. Statistics ARE evidence. What other evidence does one need? I hope not that it was actually played in S-rank, because that’d imply RyanH was lying, a notion I see no grounds on. :confused:


Statistics are not evidence. Ever hear the saying “63% of all statistics on the internet are made up”? Statistical Evidence IS a thing, but that means providing the raw data the statistics are pulled from, not just some number said in a forum.


Fifteen characters.


Well said
Fifteen characters


My issue now is the OP made several statements I found questionable, and when I question them I get no answers, but instead my motives are questioned, and the people who question me get likes from people with strangely similar avatars. Is it a wonder that as involved in the community as I am I never come to these forums? Sorry if I find all of this highly suspicious, but I do believe that there are grounds to not trust what Ryan has said about this deck.



I’m sorry to break it to you, but there was no evidence provided, merely a claim. “The deck has 76% winrate” is a claim, it doesn’t prove anything. If the claim were true, it means the a number of games would have been played with the deck, and 76% of those games would have been won. The evidence for this claim would be the replays of those games. You say there is no reason to lie, but when the claim is so far-fetched, there is no reason I should believe it without evidence.


There’s no problem with doubting the viability of the deck, but that’s why he backed it up with its S rank stats. If you doubt his truthfulness, I’m sure he’ll show up to post a screenshot. But it’s surprising how well off meta decks can do, even strange Vetruvian things such as this.

I think the main issue others have had with your comments is that they’re aggressive and rather rude for no reason, making you come off as haughty.

As for the icons, go scroll to the bottom of the meme thread, hah. It’s been a funny time :slight_smile: