Ryan's Deck Labs: STEROPE ZI'RAN!


Hey everyone, RyanH here. This time, I’m rather excited to bring you a Heal Lyonar featuring the one and only Sun Sister Sterope.

“Huh? Who the hell is that?”

Alright, in order to understand who Sun Sister Sterope is, we gotta go way back.


Back in ye old day, Duelyst released a bunch of Faction Sisters. Of course, everyone knew Taygete was going to be broken, everyone overlooked Kelaino, L’kian was OK and all the others were forgotten.

The Sisters. Taygete is now 3/4.

Sun Sister Sterope is a 4 mana 4/4 minion, with the effect: Whenever ANY minion or General is healed, put a True Strike into your action bar.

Meanwhile, True Strike is a 1 mana spell that deals 2 damage to ANY minion.

Now you might have noticed (or not) that our Lyonar Sister isn’t played…at all! Therefore, I have created a deck that will fix this small issue. I’ve field-tested this deck, and it won against Starhorn Draw / Burn, Faie, and even our own Lyonar brethren. How? Well…


Let's talk minions.

Azure Herald is a must have. Since we’re running things like Draining Wave and Tempest, combined with the fact that we’ll be punching things with Sunforge Lancer’s buffs, we will need healing.

Healing Mystic is for the minions and your General too, making it a more versatile minion.

Windblade Adept is an all-around great minion that will be core in holding out our early game.

Silverguard Knight is of course our bread and butter minion. 3/5 Provoke, good stuff.

Sunforge Lancer, combined with our heals, will make our General super buff. Use that bonus attack to punch out enemy minions, then heal up with your endless supply of healing cards.

Scintilla combined with our BBS, will be providing a lot of heals to our minions, making them irremovable unless you can kill them in one turn. Speaking of…

OWLBEAST SAGE is our absolute core here. Since Sterope gives us spells, and as you can see we are running a lot of spells, this thing will be buff. In fact, it will be the swolest minion in all the lands.

Sun Sister Sterope will be giving us cheap spells, and since heals aren’t in short supply, expect a full hand of True Strikes. Use those to clear our enemy minions, or open up your own minions for healing (why tho?)

Dancing Blades finishes our curve. The 3 damage it deals will be huge in controlling the enemy board.

Now, let's look at spells.

Draining Wave is probably the best control tool out there for us. 1 mana, deal 4 damage to an enemy minion. The best part is, this injures your General, which lets your healing trigger.

Sun Bloom is a staple in that we need it to dispel stuff.

Tempest to deal with the pesky waves of swarm minions; it also serves as a great AOE or for dealing with Jax / ranged units.

Holy Immolation is of course another staple. Arguably the best AOE card in the game, this not only triggers healing effects, but also lets you punish grouped up minions.

Trinity Oath is ran as a 3-of, since good things come in threes. As we all know, Lyonar has problems with card draw, and this not only deals with that issue, but also gives us healing.

Circle of Life is for those bigger minions, like another Silverguard Knight, or a super buffed Rancour that you don’t want to deal with.

Sky Phalanx is our emergency late-game SOS button. If you want, you can sub this out for Red Synja, but the idea is that it’s a powerful late game spell which gives us 3 of the best 3-drops in the game. Like I said, good things come in threes.

How do I win with this?

First, you gotta get into the mindset. What I recommend is reading 1984 by George Orwell, then imagining yourself as Big Brother: an oppressive, but benevolent ruler. Why? Because that’s how you’re gonna play!

The playstyle is absolute and total control, which is going to be rather easy: right from the start, you have Draining Wave, strong minions like Windblade Adept as well as Silverguard Knight to break the enemy lines.

The mid-game is where you shine. Drop off an owl, and if it’s not punished (usually it won’t be, since they spent the early game trying to deal with your minions), start casting spells like you’re some prodigal wizard reject. And remember: even if the Owl is dispelled, the second Owl buffs ALL the owls. Not that it matters, since as you noticed we don’t run Divine Bond, so Owl is not our main win condition per se, but more like a powerful asset.

The real way you win is by having enough minions to the point where every play they have is nullified. Minion drop? Removed. Tiger? Doesn’t matter, heal back up. You want to stuff enough cards in my hand to make it look like a game of Texas Hold 'Em? No matter, Lyonar lacks card draw and all your cards are good.

Regarding Sterope: She has a strong body, and it’s best dropped when you have a minion + BBS up. You can ram the minion into the enemy face, BBS, and then you have at least a True Strike. Of course, you can then move forward the turn after with even more heals and True Strikes to keep the enemy down.

If in late-game and it’s rather even, use Dancing Blades to clear up the enemy board. 3 damage does wonders if done proper. Besides, you always have Sky Phalanx, and a trio of 3/5s aren’t that easy to clear (especially if your opponent doesn’t have Plasma Storm).




“Sterope Zi’ran” deck. Sees only 2 copies of Sterope.
How could you not put 3 copies of Sterope !? :sob: :angry:

Scintilla only heals your general. Doesn’t help your minions.

Have you considered Sundrop? Works well with Sterope.

All hail Healonar :slight_smile:


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