Hey guys, RyanH here, and I’m back with another one of my deck concepts/experiments. I used to call this series “Ryan’s Stupidest Decks”, but I soon realised that some of these are actually (relatively) viable. So from now on:

Ryan’s Stupidest Decks will denote decks that haven’t been field tested.

Ryan’s Deck Labs will indicate that these decks have been field tested.

Let’s get started.


Back in September of 2016, Counterplay Games released a set of Monthlies based around the creatures of Penny Arcade, a comic strip.

Here they are:



Grove Lion


Their art is breathtaking, to say the least. However, aside from Grove Lion, none of these majestic and mythical beasts are actually played! Some have cited a poor body, unreliable effects or just being bumped out because there are better cards. I don’t think so. In fact…

…I believe that I can make these cards work.



Faction Staples:
Makantor Warbeast, Entropic Gaze, Tectonic Spikes.

Neutral Staples:
Bloodtear Alchemist.

Deck Staples:
Wood-Wen, Elkowl, Grove Lion, Sphynx.

Starhorn is used here because we want to take advantage of Riddle. Since it will take up a card slot, this limits the enemy’s drawing options as well as let us mill their deck easier. This is not the main objective however.


  1. Wood-Wen + Taygete. This is an obvious combo here, you can get a 2/2 Provoke body as well as a Provoke Taygete which is absolutely invaluable.

  2. Decimus + Draw. Besides your BBS, Entropic Gaze and Tectonic Spikes will let you deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy very quickly.

  3. Tectonic Spikes + Grove Lion. Although very costly, this ensures you don’t take any of the damage from Tectonic Spikes, Flameblood Warlock and Eluciator which can be a huge advantage.

  4. Sphynx + Draw. First of all, you’re already removing their replace with Riddle, and if they have to cast it that’s a 2 mana impediment already. Additionally, you can use Riddle and Draw cards to mill their entire deck out of existence, which can be useful depending on which cards you pull out.

  5. Elkowl + Greater Fortitude. While all of our minions benefit from a stat boost, this one deserves it the most. Elkowl has amazing potential, but hindered by a somewhat weaker body. Using Greater Fortitude however can ensure your Celerity + Ranged Elkowl hits twice as hard.

Since this is a mid-range deck, we will need some self sustain in the form of Azure Herald and Earth Sphere. Egg Morph is also used as a safe way to clear enemy minions, and with clever minion manipulation Natural Selection can bring anything down.


Lyonar: 1-0

Songhai: N/A

Magmar: 2-1

Abyssian: 3-0

Vetruvian: 1-1

Vanar: 0-1

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Leave them all below!

GL and HF,



Very nice I want to try this out… Can u alcun the ride. Of you Play it???


Why is it Starhorn’s Penny Arcade?
Was a penny arcade something that I don’t know about?


This is because Wood-Wen, Elkowl, Grove Lion and Sphynx are all creatures from the comic strip Penny Arcade. Good question though!



I just beat J’s Starhorn Mech.

This feels good.

This feels very good.


Doesnt sphynx also fill up your hand if he uses the riddle for 2 mana


Yes, but often times your hand is so full you simply don’t have room for the Riddle.


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