Hey guys, RyanH here, and I’m back with another one of my deck concepts/experiments. I used to call this series “Ryan’s Stupidest Decks”, but I soon realised that some of these are actually (relatively) viable. So from now on:

Ryan’s Stupidest Decks will denote decks that haven’t been field tested.

Ryan’s Deck Labs will indicate that these decks have been field tested.

Let’s get started.


If you’ve logged into Duelyst lately, you might have noticed a small ad indicating that “Rise of the Bloodborn” expansion is out. Now, there are 3 cards on display, and one of them is Sanguinar. So far, this card has been neglected. However, it has one of the BEST attack animations in game, ever.

I believe that I can make this card work.



Let’s start with our faction staples:

Inner Focus, Chakri Avatar, Ki Beholder, Phoenix Fire, Heaven’s Eclipse, Mirror Meld, Mist Dragon Seal, Four Winds Magi.

These are pretty obvious faction staples so I won’t go into them. But if you must, ask.

Now, our neutral staples:

Spelljammer, Sanguinar.

Since Songhai really needs draw with the amount of cards we’re going through, we really need Spelljammer. And of course, our experiment calls for Sanguinar, so that’s a given.

Now, the rest:

Kaleos Xaan is used here because Songhai benefits the most from a 0 cost BBS. Also, he works extraordinarily well with Whiplash.

Katara is here as a cheap, low cost minion with high backstab. This thing does more damage (on Backstab) than Kaido Assassin, so obviously we’ll put her in.

Whiplash is included because our deck is a semi-burn deck. This does fast damage to the enemy, and as mentioned before, Kaleos can move him away. Also, since Sanguinar will reduce our BBS’s cost, Whiplash can be enabled more easily.

Cobra Strike is an effective control / burn hybrid tool, so it will be included.

Geomancer may be a curious pick, but hear me out: you play Geomancer on 5 mana. You then play Sanguinar, which means you have a 1 mana Phoenix Fire. Even if Sanguinar is removed, your BBS is Phoenix Fire, which means no matter what as long as you draw Sanguinar, your Phoenix Fires will be 1 mana. However, this is not a combo deck so don’t rely on this combination.

Grandmaster Zendo as a pseudo-Provoke for when the game gets into the later stages, and also disables Generals like Sajj or Vaath especially.


Argeon: 2-2

Zi’ran: N/A

Kaleos: 1-0

Reva: 2-0

Zirix: 3-1

Sajj: 2-1

Vaath: N/A

Starhorn: 3-2

Lilithe: 1-1

Cassyva: N/A

Faie: 2-3

Kara: LUUL

Comments? Compliments? Concerns? Voice them below!

Remember, stay civil, good luck and have fun.



Huh. Doesn’t seem necessary, but it seems like it would work. Nice idea, good execution, and good writing. 7/5 overall.


Of course it is every deck scientist’s question to ask:

Can’t I just sub “X” with something else?

In our case, Sanguinar has obvious synergy with Phoenix Fire (BBS), and a 0 mana movespell is always good. You can also use it to immediately move Sanguinar, and the body isn’t too bad.


I did not realize that Sanguinar’s effect was permanent. I overlooked the card when it was revealed and I like you said the card has been neglected. This gives me some new ideas to try out thanks for sharing your list!


(It isn’t permanent though. Sorry to disappoint.)


Oh, I didn’t read carefully enough dang that sucks.


Still though, since Geomancer’s BBS ability is permanent, Sanguinar is useful whenever you draw it from that point onwards (which is the basic idea).


I can see this deck going in two directions, where one I would make it a more backstab oriented deck to utilize Kaleos bbs as much as possible. Or I would change Reva in and make it a more controly spellhai. But I love the idea behind the deck! I’ve wanted to use sanguine since the expansion dropped but I haven’t found a deck for it yet.


As you’re going to be triggering a lot of spell cast procs, I’d remove a HE and the CS’s for some Bloodrage Masks. And switch to Reva maybe. And swap the Mirrors for some Killing Edges. But, that’s just me. I’ve looked it over again and it seems to actually be REALLY good. New Meta?


Result list is coming from which division(s) matches ?



My attitude towards it is that since I’m here already, I might as well goof around.


I guess it’s prolly better to use this deck to goof around, once you reach S (which I totally understand) than using it to climb from diamond to S ?


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