Ryan's Deck Labs: SAND SISTER SAON!



Back in ye old day, Duelyst released a bunch of Faction Sisters. Of course, everyone knew Taygete was going to be broken, everyone overlooked Kelaino, L’kian was OK and all the others were forgotten.

The Sisters. Taygete is now 3/4.

Sand Sister Saon is a 4 mana 3/4 minion, with the effect: Your General has +1 Attack.

If you have been playing this game recently, you might have noticed that no one runs Saon, and for good reason too. This is because a card called Falcius simply does a better job than Saon. However, why not both? They both have their merits. So…

…I think I can make Sand Sister Saon work.


Our deck is going to be a super control deck, so play like it.


Azure Herald is going to be used to actually keep us alive, since we’re going to be smashing and bashing.

Ephemeral Shroud is going to be used as dispel (only if we need it).

Pax is the best 2-drop, second only to Ooz.

Falcius is one of the best control tools ever given to us.

Zephyr is here to help us control even harder.

Dioltas is our mid-game threat / Provoke.

Sand Sister Saon is here to help us with extra damage, which will of course help with control.

Silhouette Tracer / Incniera gets us out of sticky situations.

Spelljammer is our sole form of card draw.

Aymara Healer is a faction staple for obvious reasons.

Grove Lion is to help with control into the mid-late game (and also synergises with your BBS and Saon).

Nosh-Rak is here just in case you need that extra edge.


Scion’s First and Second Wish are all faction staples.

Rasha’s Curse is for reach and destroying artifacts quickly.

Autarch’s Gifts will give you good artifacts. Use them.


Since we’re control, we’ll be using Hexblade to minimise the counter-attack damage doled out to us, and serves to reduce the enemy threat.


  1. Hexblade + Grove Lion / Falcius. Use this when you need to reduce a minion’s attack to 1 (but you can’t kill it somehow), like a really big Ironcliffe or Blood Taura.

  2. Sand Sister Saon + Falcius + BBS. 8 mana, 2 cards, a 3/3 and 3/4 body with +1 Attack, and you also get 10 attack to a minion this turn.

  3. Zephyr + Grove Lion / Falcius + Sand Sister Saon. Clear EVERYTHING around you. ALL OF IT.

Check out the rest here!

GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.


How To Rework Sand Sister Saon: A Humble Suggestion

Would you like a ticket to the closest mental asylum?
No sane person would ever run Saon.
You appear to be exhibiting signs of delusions thinking that Saon could ever work in any deck ever conceived by anyone.

Also, the people demand a deck of Nosh-Rak’s Nosh-Rak Rack since such a divine being as being able to have a rack of himself he must truly deserve more space since he thus is in fact is in a control deck, and thus must be surviving to the many later turns where such things as the twice done damage by the Nosh-Rak must truly skyrocket the pain and suffering of thine enemy whom’s guard must doth be downed by the plight of the Sand Sister herself attempting to be of at all use to any one thus may you strike like A at the first order, or indeed the second if indeed the second of thus divine beings appear. Oh great one, why must the Nosh-Rak Rack of Nosh-Rak’s be so limited?


A Sajj deck with only 5 legit 2 drops (I guess you won’t play Shroud/Rasha’s on P1 T1) and no Wildfire Ankhs? And putting Hexblade even if you 1. are a Sajj, who always clean-kill a minion and 2. have so many ways to prevent your general from taking damage? And not grabbing some Spinecleavers when you’re running Saon? Any no reliable early-mid provokes to protect your functional (as opposed to intended primarily for trading) minions - which is about half of all minions you included in your deck?

Have you playtested your deck yet?

Also you may have overestimated Saon. You’re essentially paying 4 mana for a 3/4 and an “unlimited” Sunsteel Bracer - and it’s not so “unlimited” when Saon dies immediately to any stat-wise superior on curve drops by your opponent.


If you read the post, you’d know that ‘Deck Labs’ means it’s been tested and honed. And if you’d seen any of Ryan’s deck posts, nearly all of them try to take an underused or underestimated card and make it work in a viable deck. Are these decks highly competitive? No. But from what I’ve seen, they actually do a pretty decent job at putting these underused cards to work.


Thanks for clarifying.

Maybe I should put back the blurb I had before…


I know that, I was just wondering what his experience was with using Nosh-Rak in this style of deck to see if it was worth trying out in a similar thing like artifact Saji.


Nosh Rak can be in any vet deck imo it’s ability is that great won me a few games already.


When even Ryan cant fix it something is wrong.


I literally deleted this deck out of shame. If there’s only one thing I learnt from this horrible, failure of an experiment:

Saon is undoubtedly, pure and total garbage.



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