Ryan's Deck Labs: Road to S


Hello friends,

Since some people have decided to doubt the validity of my S-rankedness (which is of course a valid claim), I will be climbing to S rank in February with nothing but my own Deck Labs. These will be:

-Starhorn’s Penny Arcade
-Undying Sajj
-Honor to Vetruvia
-Sanguinar Songhai
-Sterope Zir’an

I will be changing my IGN when February comes and announcing it here. While I appreciate everyone’s concerns, please keep in mind: discuss ideas, not people.


The IGN is RegalHawk. Come join me!


With the Dying Wish Sajj deck, I had a few questions.

Why Sajj? Is it important to be able to clear minions with your general when you have no other synergies?

Is Oserix a dead card when you can’t get it ramped out with Unseven? How does the deck fair without consistent Unsevens, and how does it fare when the card is dispelled? I know there aren’t many alternatives, but Oserix just seems inconsistent due to it feeling like a combo card.

What do you think Dying Wish Vet decks need in the future to make them more viable?


Vetruvian needs answers to ranged tactics. It’s that simple.

It’s FAR too easy to park a minion in the corner and laugh while Vetruvian dies.


I think that’s an answer to ‘what does Vet need’ in general. I’m asking his opinion on what this archetype specifically needs.


Answers to ranged… He even said so in the rundown of the deck… I’ve played it in Diamond. It ABSOLUTELY needs ranged answers.


I’m tempted just to quote myself. Sure, that’s a problem, but that’s a problem with ALL of Vetruvian. 9/10 Vetruvian decks are not Dying Wish oriented. Why? Because it’s not really the strongest kind of Vet deck.

Now that we understand that concept, let’s try to understand my question here.

What does Dying Wish Vetruvian need to become on par with a more classic Zirix deck, in general?


I chose Sajj because Zirix doesn’t really work in this deck either, and its always better to have an ability to clear minions than to summon a 2/2 Dervish.

Oserix isn’t a dead card without Oserix, and I’ve won many games without even touching Unseven at all. Even when Unseven is dispelled, its a body which you can cast Second Wish on and / or clear other minions with.

I think Dying Wish Vet just need more viable Dying Wish minions. Mainly, AOE is a big problem in this deck and something like Gnasher but better could be good.


Kinda how I feel about Abyss Dying Wish as well. I suppose you have enough bodies in this deck


Better consistency, i.e. minions with DW effects that are more synergistic, take a look at Abyssian DW minions for example, VReaver plays into Swarm and Klax plays into creep. You could totally run Zirix and have Allomancer but then you wouldn’t have the capability to reach that late game that you need for Aymara and Oserix. Abyssian has Kelaino plus quite frankly more numerous and more viable control and delay cards to get them there. So it does essentially lead back to Vet’s core problems, no ranged answers, and a very VERY narrow range of viable faction cards compared to the others.


No, it isn’t. Simple as that. Don’t care about them! :sunglasses:

No Eggmar? I’m a bit disappointed because that shows the deck is not viable for that run… :pensive:


You are probably my favorite poster here. Can’t wait to follow your climb.^^


Looking forward to it. Are you gonna be placing them all under this or one post/thread, or constant updates?


I’d love to see like a sped up montage of how the season goes with either dramatic or comedic music at the end of the season or near the beginning of March as a video. But that would take time and effort.


Hello friends,

Want to watch the stupidest decks in action, but don’t want to lose rank? Well, worry no more.

Join me at RegalHawk (that’s my IGN) for Deck Labs’ Climb to S-Rank!


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